Reassure. Comfort. Encourage

encouraging-words-thumb15946071I have come to realize that I have been blessed with the gift of understanding and awareness and I am now able to speak on behalf of millions of silenced children. I awoke one day and realized that I had two choices: lie down and die or make something useful of the pain. — It is my hope and prayer that each of you will welcome a chance to become a mentor for our children  and/or adults who are searching for a way to overcome their hardships. Blaming and criticizing those you can’t understand will only make the problem worse. What many people need is a helping hand, a kind word, and someone to encourage them as they become aware of their full potential as human beings. For those who are struggling to become whole and find their sure, true essence of life, a kind word or supportive suggestion may save their lives. With love and concern, you may very well uncover a smile.  – Sonja Lauren, The Covered Smile

We no longer live in a helping society, we live in an era where 99% of people will turn the left cheek if a situation has nothing to do with them. I feel that in some scenarios it is necessary to step in and be the voice for those who haven’t found theirs yet. There are people who go throughout their whole lives in pain and suffering and have said that if one person would have stepped in and tried to help everything could have been different. It only takes one person to make a change but it’s always hard for one person to step up and a lend a hand if it isn’t beneficial for them. The Covered Smile tells a story of how suffering and pain can often be overlooked in children especially by their parents and sometimes you can’t point a blaming finger because no one is perfect and sometimes parents are blinded by their own upbringings and how they were taught to deal with certain situations. Children are also good at hiding how they feel and the same goes for people who are grown. A lot of times people don’t want to talk about how they feel because they think talking about it won’t change anything. It’s surprising how much talking really does help but you will never know until you make an attempt. If we started making attempts at being supportive of those around us and asking questions like “How was your day?” “How was school?” “Did everything go well?” “Do you want to talk about anything?” or just letting your child, sibling or whoever know that you love them and are there for them could be enough to make a difference. Often times a stranger in the street is smiling or waving because they want to be assured that you are aware of their existence. You never know when someone might be on the ledge and all they need is reassurance and consoling to keep them from jumping. Sometimes all we ever need is the love and support from those we love the most.

After so many years of fear, physical pain, and dread, I have finally figured out the keys to success and inner peace. The answers came to me only after I dropped to my knees and stated boldly to God above: “This life that I call my own is now yours. I will follow where you lead me without hesitation. I will look at each act of pain and find a lesson to be shared. I will recount my blessings each day and give you the credit and praise. I will take a long look at others in pain and realize that I am not alone. I will stop feeling sorry for myself and begin to lend a helping hand to those who are in greater need than I. – Sonja Lauren

Be careful what you say to people and how you treat them, you never know what they are dealing with and how little or big of a blow they may need to keep them down. Stay positive, spread the word, put the words above to use and lend an ear/hand when needed.

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