Angry Black Woman

Late last month Nicki Minaj encountered a situation where she expressed her thoughts about  her song “Feeling Myself” not being nominated for an MTV Video Best Music Award on Twitter. Out of the huge platform that Twitter is, Taylor Swift took her tweet as a personal snub towards her and responded to it. Social media blew up over this “feud” with people having different views about what happened. Here’s what Jasmin had to say about it. She’s a blogger and you can find more of her post on her site.

Angry Black Woman 

By: JasMarie




8329473_origMy question right now is how did one tweet lead to Nicki Minaj being “furious”. Nothing was angry about her tweets from my point of view. To me it seems like she’s just sad how black woman get treated in this industry and she’s the only black female rapper so she has to represent for herself and for future female rappers. Nicki works so hard and it seems as though it goes unnoticed. So why has her expressing herself turned into the typical black female rant when that’s not even the case. A black woman can’t speak her mind about anything without being classified as angry. Everything we do is judged. If we don’t smile, we have an attitude. They we walk can mean we are hoes. The way we dress means we have no class. But I’m here to say that is bullshit. I define myself! I’m not ever going to let you even think you can define me. I should be able to speak my mind and not be perceived as being angry and it is so sad that I am. Even this post right now I’m sure you’re thinking damn she’s upset. But I’m more fed up than upset. When will this judgement and stereotyping stop? When can I just live and be me and not be judged for that? When will society change? Hopefully a change is coming so but for now I’m just another Angry Black Woman.

Everyone has their view on the situation, what do you think about it?

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