I’m Back and I’m Better – Rebranding The Brand

DSC01792wWith the year coming to an end I reflect back on my brand and how much I have grown. 2015 wasn’t necessarily a good year but the bad has shaped me into a woman on a mission.

I take a look at all that I have planned and all that I have accomplished and crack a smile because with all the odds against me I have still risen to be in the position that I am today and that’s “content”. I am content with my past, my present, and I’m optimistic about my future. It wasn’t easy and the roads traveled have given me flats, caused me to sit on the side of the road for days, and resulted in many accidents but I’m still here. My creative spark is back and better than ever and 2016 is my year to bring my ideas to life. With 29 days until the new year I am thinking of 29 ways to better myself because at the end of the day ‘I Am My Own Brand’. With the launch of my self-published book in the works, and getting ready to graduate from college in the midst of revamping my blog and my brand new YouTube channel, I am beyond blessed and ready to serve what I believe my purpose is. I am here to share, create, uplift, empower, & inspire. You are always branding yourself never forget that!

I hope you guys enjoy my new #TeaTime&GoodVibes vlog where I am going to talk about several topics and are anticipating the drop of my book like I am! Be sure to go to my YouTube channel to check out my newly released video and like, comment, and subscribe. In the meantime, enjoy this snippet from my book.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 8.11.40 PM

Thanks for reading, Be Blessed & Stay Humble! Help me reach 10k views by 2016 by liking, sharing, and spreading the word. Check out my past post about Building a Personal Brand while you’re at it!




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