2015’s Top 10

 As 2015 comes to an end I look at all the progress my blog has made this year. Since 2013 when I first started my blog, this year alone I have had over 6,300 views making it a year of tremendous growth. Before 2015 officially ends I want to share a few of my favorite post and why they made the cut!

  1. Becoming content with my past and present was such a great way to wrap up my year. I’m Back and I’m Better – Re-branding The Brand
  2.  I realized that you should always try to make room for your dreams to manifest. Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Dreams
  3. Going through a rough patch caused me to make rash decisions regarding my body but I bounced back and put my foot down the right way. My Body Is Not a Place to Kill Time
  4. Throughout my hardships I needed some motivation and a reminder that my progress is still progress even if it’s not immediately visible. “Steps” – Life and Leadership
  5. I am my own brand and wanted to show you all how we are branding ourselves with each move we make. Building a Personal Brand
  6. Getting out of a relationship and recognizing my own faults left me with a lot of room to grow. Falling in Love With Potential
  7. Not being to study abroad led me to have an epiphany about the situation and life overall. The Moment of Realization
  8. Safe sex is always important but protecting your mind in the process is even more important. Latex = Safe Sex for Your Body and Mind
  9. Loving people can sometimes leave us picking up pieces of ourselves after its all said and done. I Lost Myself in You
  10. This summer was a whirlwind but it caused me to change my mindset drastically. Winding Up Summer 2k15

2015 was a year of hurt, disappointment, heartbreak, realization, and the list can go on but most importantly it was a year of growth that I truly needed for my mind, body, and soul. To see my favorite post of 2014 click here.

As always, Thanks for reading. Be Blessed & Stay Humble.


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