Black Women…Are Y’all Born Angry?

img_6212I’m not one to do book reviews, or reviews about anything for that matter. But upon reading a few pages of this book I just had to say something. Now, I love reading and I especially love reading my juicy urban novels and amazon be having the hookup with the free books on kindle.

I stumbled upon this in my search for something good to read and I was pissed off reading just a few pages. Urban books always seem to a good job of degrading women. If you don’t know the story line, most involve drugs, crazy love affairs, and sex/violence. I admit most capture my attention because to be honest, I love a good story. What I didn’t like about this book for starters was the blatant disrespect towards dark skinned women, and just to include the author is a dark skinned woman herself so I was a little confused. The guy in the book who I’m assuming is going to be a main character finds a female who happens to be dark skinned attractive and states “My only thing is I’m not use to dating dark skinned bitches. They have too much attitude for nothing, just like this bitch because she hasn’t even acknowledged I’m sitting here!” This was only on the third page, and it was noted that the guy himself was dark skinned so again my curiosity and confusion was peaked.

51TMR5IqnTL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_I read some more to see if I truly wanted to give this book a chance seeing more things like “dark skinned bitches just be mad for nothing, all dark skinned females are bipolar, these dark skinned bitches crazy” all in the span of 3-4 pages into the book. I read some more and see “And there it is! That attitude that people say black women have! Are y’all born angry? I swear, I have never met a happy black woman before.” And the character goes on to say how a black woman without an attitude must be rare. When the female he finds attractive starts describing herself she says “I’m 5 feet even and dark skinned, not black but um, maybe brown skinned..” So now I’m just sitting there like is this really a black woman who wrote this?

It’s an urban book I know, what did I really expect? In my years of reading trashy sex filled novels I have never encountered any that down right disrespected dark skinned women. I didn’t even get through the first chapter I had too many questions. Was the author restating things she heard about herself or just restating the stereotypes that surrounds dark skinned women? There’s already so many things out in the world that puts dark skinned women down, why add more? The first thought that came to mind was self-hate and I know I may be jumping the gun here but a dark skinned man not wanting to date a dark skinned woman and the woman making sure to state that she’s NOT black but maybe brown skinned?? I don’t know guys, you tell me. It’s just a “fictional story” but why make skin complexion such a huge factor? With so much racial tension going on I hate to see things that put us down as a race. Quite frankly as a woman who loves to advocate for empowering and uplifting my fellow women especially, I was offended with reading only a few pages. Enough of the angry black girl narrative and the disrespectful stereotypes. It’s sad to say but colorism exists and always has. What pisses me off the most is not because it was put into the book, but because these things are said in real life. Sadly I’m only one person who can’t slap everyone silly and make them realize that we should be standing together right now and not working to tear each other apart.

Yes, some of my fellow black women may indeed have attitudes but you try being oppressed and have things purposely sat in your path to success telling you you have to work 10 times as hard to make it in life. You try being sexualized from a young age because it’s in your blood to have  a curvaceous figure. Statistics have always been against us from the start. Now more than ever. To be black and female is a struggle, but it’s a struggle worth everything that comes with it. So no, we aren’t born angry but we damn sure have the right to be. No matter the complexion I love my people and black women of all shades are beautiful.

Take a look and form your own opinion on the book, you can find it on amazon kindle for free. No disrespect to the author, and I’m sure the book has potential to be good but the perception of dark skinned women got under my skin.

Thanks for reading, Be Blessed & Stay Humble.


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