Capturing Life (Photography)

If you are on this page that means you have taken the time to explore my work so I thank you.

Alongside blogging I am a photographer based in Philadelphia, PA. I have a true passion for capturing creativity, art, and beauty. I am very outgoing and enjoy making each shoot feel natural and fun for everyone involved.

I love being behind the camera and working on interesting concepts. If interested you can find more of my work here.


5 thoughts on “Capturing Life (Photography)

      • breyanaa says:

        That was taken when I first got my camera so I was shooting on auto with the default settings most likely because I was still getting a feel for everything. I shoot with different lens now and I try to do it on manual with the ISO high enough to where I don’t have to use the flash.

      • Steve says:

        Cool. I use Aperture priority most of the time, and dip into Manual for night photography and for when I want to experiment with exposure settings.

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