Wherever You Are, Know That God Has Put You There For A Reason

…an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream. ‘Joseph, son of David,’ the angel said, ‘do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife. For the child within her was conceived by the Holy Spirit.’ (Matthew 1:20, NLT.)

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or even afraid of what God has called you to do? Maybe you were pursuing a dream or goal and things didn’t turn out the way you planned. Joseph had planned to take Mary as his wife, but when he found out she was pregnant, he didn’t know what to think. He was afraid that he might be making a mistake because things didn’t turn out the way he planned. But, God sent a messenger in a dream to reassure Joseph that he was on the right path.

Today let me reassure you that God knows right where you are, and He knows how to get you to where you need to be. Even when things don’t go the way you planned, His hand is on you. Do not be afraid. Trust that God is working behind the scenes on your behalf, and that He will lead you into the life of blessing that He has prepared for you.

Prayer for Today:

Father in heaven, I choose to trust in You. Even when things don’t go the way I planned, I know You are at work in my life. Thank You for Your perfect love which casts out all fear. I love You and surrender every area of my life to You in Jesus’ name. Amen. (spiritualinspiration)

I don’t consider myself to be a deeply religious person, I don’t go around forcing Christianity on people but I do believe in God. There are times when I feel down and like I’m stuck at a standstill in life but I sit and reevaluate everything; all the things that I’ve been through and all the things that I have planned. There were some things that didn’t go as I had hoped but I didn’t lose faith, I know that God has me under his wing and I trust that he will lead me in the right direction. You may not be at the happiest point in your life but things will get better if you believe it will. If you sit around having the mindset that things will only get worse then things will only get worse. You make a choice every second of your life so choose wisely. Stay positive because when you think positive, positive things will begin to take place.

Today, I challenge you to speak nothing but good into your life. Focus on all that’s going good and have faith that things will get better. Remember, your current destination is never your final and you have the power to take control over your thoughts and change your life.

You can take control over your life by changing your thoughts. That includes:

  • Practicing Mindfulness
  • Knowing Your Triggers
  • Writing it out
  • Positive affirmations – change “I can’t” to “I can”.
  • Count your joy and blessings – be grateful for what you do have.
  • Focus on progress, not perfection.

Thanks for reading, Be Blessed and Stay Humble.


Published by breyanaa

If given the chance, everyone has a story to tell. My name is Breyana I'jae, I am a 25 year old Temple University Psychology graduate, blogger, visionary, artist, creator, self published author, mama, jack of all trades, and lover of many things. 
When I first started this blog in 2013 my goal was to share My Story in hopes of inspiring someone else, I didn't know where it would go, how people would perceive it or what to really do, I just know I lived by the motto, Uplift, Empower, & Inspire.

While those goals still remain my blog will now be a place to promote self-love and self-care but that's not all. Come take a look to see what it offers.

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