Who Do You Wear Blue For? #AlopeciaAwareness

September is Alopecia awareness month! Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that effects the hair follicles, in most cases the hair falls out in small round patches about the size of a quarter. Rarely, the disease causes total hair loss on the head, face, and body.

Anyone can get it and it often begins in childhood. No one can tell you when or if your hair will grow back or fall out if you have the disease. There is no cure. Be aware that while some develop Alopecia as a child it can also develop from constant pulling of the hair from things like braiding or other tight hairstyles in older people as well.

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog for some years now then you know I wear blue for me. Bringing awareness to this disease is important because it’s the sole reason I started blogging to begin with. I wanted a platform to share my story and experience with having traction alopecia. In My Story I discussed being bullied because of my hair loss and how that effected me. I think it’s really important to shed light on things like this to avoid the weird stares and laughs when someone may be missing hair. While I was able to share my experience I was also able to share someone else’s (Letting Your Flaws Empower You (Sam’s Story). Remember to never judge a book by its cover for you never know what someone may be dealing with in their personal life. If you don’t know what something is or you may be curious do research and ask questions instead of pointing fingers and staring. Now let me see you rock your blue! If you want to learn more about what alopecia is check out these sites:

Also, check out my blog post discussing it:

Thanks for reading, Be Blessed & Stay Humble.


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