What Are Your Go-To Products for Natural Hair?

When first deciding to go Natural I must admit I fell victim to becoming a product junkie. Everything that everyone else said was good, I wanted to be good for me. I was googling what products were good, searching IG for natural hair guru’s, asking friends, and just driving myself crazy. After I got tired of blowing money fast on products I finally became comfortable with a few. The minute you try to use what someone else uses is where you go wrong. You have to find what works for you! I will share some of the products I use and the benefits.

  1. Creme of Nature Shampoo and Conditioner, usually can be found around $5.99 for each in stores such as Rite Aid or hair stores. Both of these are really good, first off they smell amazing, lather up good, and it leaves my hair soft. When transitioning I switched up my usage in between these products and Carols daughter transitioning kit along with the olive oil infusion.  AHHHmazing! The olive oil infusion works wonders by itself and I still use it as a oil treatment before shampooing and conditioning my hair. The transitioning kit was around $50 but it lasted me over a year as it wasn’t a staple product. The olive infusion I have re-upped on because it’s just THAT good.


51K2VceKzLL._AC_UL320_SR204,320_ TransitioningOliveInfusion-b

2.   When I’m feeling too lazy to go through my wash routine I use my co-wash instead. As Black women we can sometimes over-wash our hair and co-washing is good for moisturizing your hair without stripping it of its natural oils. My recommendation would be to use a light conditioner as heavy ones can result in product build-up. My product of choice is As I Am coconut co-wash, can be found around $5.99 as well. Co-washing may not be for everyone, especially if you use a lot of product in your hair upon styling. Experiment carefully! This does not lather but gets the job done well.                             asiam_coconut_cowash_conditioner3. Although I have gotten rid of a lot of products, when it comes to defining my curls I still use a few: The whole LottaBody line is amazing. As you can see I have a thing for coconuts LOL. I must say custard gels don’t agree with my hair and leaves it flaky so that’s the only thing I don’t use. Everything else is perfect, my favorite is the curl & style milk. I got the bundle for $25 when CurlBox was having a sale a while back.



Cantu coconut curling cream is another favorite of mine. Leaves my curls smelling good, soft, and defined. eco-styler-olive-oil-gelEco Styler is a newbie which I don’t use too much but it hasn’t let me down yet. I will say be careful when applying it to your hair with other products because it can become flaky and who wants flaky hair?

4. I almost forgot about my leave-in conditioner! To be honest I’m not sure if I use the one with shea butter or argan oil but both should be good, it’s all about preference. I always do the L-O-C method which is applying the Leave-in, oil (coconut of course) and my curling cream of choice. 4505. Coconut oil is also one of my staple products and I usually put some in a spray bottle and mix it with water and my leave-in. I’ve used a few brands, one of which I can’t find a picture or remember the name, but these two are really good. I’d like to say coconut oil has played a huge role in my hair growth and going natural overall has contributed to my edges growing in dealing with traction alopecia.

pGNC1-9188866t300x300ziggy-marley-organics-coco-mon-cold-pressed-coconut-oil-original-14-oz-clearance-priced_3053013Your products will play a big role in your hair growth and the way you take care of your hair overall. Be careful, mindful, and be open to experiment with different products.

Here’s a quick peek at some of my twist-outs. Note: I cut all of my permed ends off in June, these pictures are afterwards. My hair is steady growing along with the rest of me.


I’d love to know what’s some of the products that you guys use. I’m always looking to try something new!! Comment below.

Thanks for reading, Be Blessed & Stay Humble. 


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