Love Your Mane


I created a project entitled “Love Your Mane“, it was originally in honor of Black History Month but I prolonged it because why celebrate ourselves for just one month. The purpose of this project was to reach out to African American women who rock their natural hair and embrace the texture that grows from their roots. I feel that it is important for us to embrace who we are and overlook the negative connotations that surround our hair. Often times people look at African American women with natural hair with distaste and a lot of women encounter situations that make them think twice about their hair and the way they wear it. I look at this project as a way to empower my fellow African American women and women as a whole who are afraid or thinking twice about sporting their natural hair. Going natural was the best choice I made in 2014 and the best choice I am continuing to make. Not only do I embrace my hair but I feel like I am becoming more of myself because of this decision.  My first participant was Latifah Wright who allowed me to ask her a few questions on camera, so without further ado I present the first video from the Love Your Mane project.

Be Blessed and Stay Humble. 

Side Note: I am fundraising for my study abroad journey to Rome, Italy. For those who have been following my blog you know that I went through this same process the semester before last with no luck but God willing everything will work out this time. If you are interested in gaining more information and donating you can do so here. If not please spread the word!

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