Tipsy Tuesday – ‘Brand Etiquette’

First there was ‘CelibriTEA Sunday’ then ‘Motivation Monday’ now, ‘Tipsy Tuesday’ what’s next?

Tipsy Tuesday is just a day of Tips from me to you and todays focus is Brand Etiquette.

To start things off etiquette is very important as it dictates how you act and carry yourself. Etiquette is essential if you plan to leave a good first impression, and especially if you want people to know that you mean business. When you are building any type of brand you want people to take you seriously, and you can’t be taken serious if you don’t present yourself as such. The 3 major things you want to do in building and maintaining your personal brand is nurturing your brand, dressing the part, and knowing and following the rules of proper etiquette.

Rules of Etiquette:

Figure out what sets you apart from people. What makes you unique? There are a million people who do the same thing but only a fraction get acknowledged. Take a look at all the big brands around you, it doesn’t matter what industry. Now take a look at the people behind the big names. Take a look at Steve Jobs for example, without him there would be no Apple products. Take a look at Oprah, she had her own talk show for years, has her own TV network among many other accomplishments.  So what did they do to ensure success? They worked hard for what they wanted…

  • Be Mindful – Your brand will only go as far as you take it. What are you striving for? What do you want out of life? A new job?  Build that resume and experience. If there isn’t a way, make one. Don’t aim for the minimum  aim for the highest, a new job might be a short-term goal, but in the long-run let’s OWN some places. BE THE BOSS! It’s easy to say things rather than to do, the moment we stop talking and start doing will be the moment the world shifts and turns upside down. Too many talkers, not enough doers. Building your brand starts with you. Be mindful of how you talk and treat people, be mindful of how you present yourself. People remember the small things and people respect you more when you carry and present yourself with respect. Dressing for success is part of nurturing your brand. Not saying that everyday you have to be dressed like you’re walking the runway but look like you want to be taken serious.
  • Use Your Resources – With this big wave of social media and technology branding has become that much easier. There’s plenty of outlets to promote yourself and whatever you are offering the world. If you are using social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter make sure your page is clear, concise, and straight to the point. You want people to stick around and be interested. Don’t be afraid to network and meet new people. Meeting the right people will open up doors for you and create opportunities. Social media is there for a reason, climb that social latter and talk to people in high places. You want to intern with a big corporation? Email, email, email, write, write, write… Email their assistants, their assistants assistant, anyone you feel might be able to bridge that gap. But make sure when you are reaching out to people you are doing it in a proper way. Do your research, introduce yourself, know what you want and how they can help, show respect, get straight to the point. Don’t waste your time or anyone else’s. Write well and proof read, what you post and how you write on social media matters.
  • Be Passionate – Do everything with passion. If there’s no passion behind it then why are you doing it? Passion serves as your motivation because you  KNOW you want whatever you’re striving for. When you are passionate about something you learn not to make excuses and you get things done. Becoming successful requires work, it requires ethic, dedication, communication, and the list goes on.

If you don’t present an image of yourself then people will make one for you. Brand Etiquette is as simple as 1-2-3. Be mindful, use your resources, be passionate, and have manners. Treat people how you want to be treated and realize that your image is everything. Believe in your brand and your faith will take you places. Network, network, network! I know we all hear that but it’s very important because you never know who you will meet. Work on that sales pitch and be ready when someone approaches you and asks what you do or what you can bring to the table. Your opportunities await. Good luck!

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Thanks for reading, Be Blessed & Stay Humble.


(P.S. image of Oprah from BaZaar magazine, obtained from Google, not my image)

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