A Quick Guide: Putting Your Plans Into Action!

A Quick Guide: Putting Your Plans Into Action!


0dbf62141f300e9984894d0f170db7b7Have you ever composed an entire list of goals/ideas and came back months later just to find those same goals/ideas sitting there?

Often times we create a list of things we wish to see manifest but never get around to putting those plans into action. Why is this? Well, sometimes life happens and other times we push those ideas to the back burner for something we find more important or a better use of our time. It would be much easier to succeed and reach all that we set out to do if we practiced self-discipline:

  1. Acknowledge Your Weakness – What is it that keeps you from straying away from achieving your goals or going through with an idea? Your bad habits have more of an impact on your life than you like to admit. Social media can be beneficial if you are using it to research, motivate yourself, or promote your brand. If you find yourself spending too much time aimlessly scrolling then you are cutting into valuable time that can be used for reading, planning, and taking action.
  2. Devise A Plan – If you are a visual person like me then writing down and seeing your plan motivates you to carry it out. Planners will change your life and are inexpensive to buy, if you have a creative side you can always DIY (How to make your own planner). You need a strategy, you need a well thought out process. You can’t expect to see success if you don’t plan correctly. Don’t be quick to jump into something; sit down and go over your ideas multiple times, have multiple plans.. “Got to make it happen, no time for what may work. My Plan B’s another way to make my Plan A work” – Fab. Don’t waste time worrying about what will or won’t work, create plans that will work without a doubt. Even if you find that one plan doesn’t work, that’s what having multiple plans is for so there’s no room for failure.
  3. Review And Measure Progress Daily – It’s not possible to work on every step of your plan within a days work. Choose one step to focus/commit to each day and if you have room to focus on more than one go for it. Get into the habit of looking at your plans everyday, carry them in your pocket if you need to, keep notes of the tasks you need to get done and cross them out as you go. Don’t be afraid to congratulate or reward yourself for a job well done. If you didn’t get around to working on your plan ask yourself what got in the way and how that can be avoided next time.
  4. Stick With It – Your plans and goals are exactly that, YOUR plans and goals. If you want it you have to work for it and work towards it. Nothing comes easily, especially success, but the drive and motivation does if it’s something you know you want to obtain. It’s okay to revise your plan, and it’s okay to change it altogether, but lets make this the year of more doing vs talking about what we are going to do. Once those ideas come into your mind write them down, plan, and implement those plans. Practice self-discipline, avoid temptation. The goal is to work hard now and party hard later, not the other way around. Let’s work!

Thanks for reading, Be Blessed & Stay Humble.


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