Everything you NEED to Know About Scholarships!!

It's MY money and I need it now! Are you a broke college student? A high school student looking for money for college? As a college student myself I wholeheartedly know the struggle of being broke and needing money for tuition. While there are many funding sources out there in the world, they are not … Continue reading Everything you NEED to Know About Scholarships!!

“Damn Sallie Mae”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnGWEv5EY6E Going to college is the goal for most high schoolers and for a lot of people who wish to further their education. Paying for college is what deters the majority from attending. Do I blame them? No! College is not cheap and if you don't have scholarships it can run you into a lifetime … Continue reading “Damn Sallie Mae”