The Conflicted Graduate – The Truth about CollegeĀ 

Graduating college is one of the greatest achievements one can experience. Months leading up to the momentous moment you feel every emotion, imagine what life will be like afterwards, and prepare to walk across the stage. Years leading up to that milestone you work your ass off, stress constantly, pull all nighters and sometimes don’tContinue reading “The Conflicted Graduate – The Truth about CollegeĀ “

Everything you NEED to Know About Scholarships!!

It’s MY money and I need it now! Are you a broke college student? A high school student looking for money for college? As a college student myself I wholeheartedly know the struggle of being broke and needing money for tuition. While there are many funding sources out there in the world, they are notContinue reading “Everything you NEED to Know About Scholarships!!”

The Moment of Realization

Life is always a mystery, for we never really know what’s going to happen. We can speculate, imagine, and expect for things to happen but we are just living and experiencing things as they unfold. I’ve learned that life is full of taking risks and doing things that’s beneficial for the well-being of yourself andContinue reading “The Moment of Realization”

The Flower That Blooms Through All Seasons

The Flower That Blooms Through All Seasons Change is something that I have come to terms with, my used to be “love-hate relationship” has turned into one of contentment. I never question it because things change for a reason and in most cases for the better. I am now in my junior year ofContinue reading “The Flower That Blooms Through All Seasons”

The 20 Year Old Chronicles

Time passes you by when you’re busy and I must say 20 years have flew by me. It’s not only a blessing to turn another year but it’s shocking to me. I am no longer a teenager and life is forcing me to grow up. I am still dealing with the same problems I wasContinue reading “The 20 Year Old Chronicles”

I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate – Suli Breaks

I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate “Exams are society’s methods of telling you what you’re worth But you can’t let society tell you what you are Cause this is the same society that tells you that abortion is wrong, but then looks down on teenage parents! The same society thatContinue reading “I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate – Suli Breaks”