I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate – Suli Breaks

I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate


“Exams are society’s methods of telling you what you’re worth
But you can’t let society tell you what you are
Cause this is the same society that tells you that abortion is wrong, but then looks down on teenage parents!
The same society that sells products to promote natural hair, looks and smooth complexion with the model on the box, half photoshopped, and has fake lashes and hair extensions
With pastors that preach charity, but own private jets
Imams that preach against greed, but are all fat
Parents that say they want “educated kids” but constantly marvel at how rich Richard Branson is
Governments, that preach peace, but endorse wars, that say they believe so much in the importance of higher education and further learning
Then why increase tuition fees every single year?”

“Test us with tests, but the finals are never final
Because they never prepare us for the biggest test which is survival!”
– Suli Breaks

Good grades aren’t obtained all the time and when this happens we have people looking down on us as if we’re dumb or incapable of doing better. The first time I saw this video was last year and each time it has the same impact. I am not any of my exam grades whether they be good or bad and everyone isn’t a good test taker so why should these “grades” dictate our future. They design these test in ways that are too difficult or too long to even sit and focus on. I no longer feel bad when I don’t do as well as I hoped because that doesn’t make me any less of a person. There is always room to do better and as students we sit and stress over the workload and sometimes put our self in a deep state of depression only to find out the exam was never built for us to pass. SATs, GREs, many of these big exams that decide which school we get accepted to are not created for the average person to do well on. If they really wanted us to do well they wouldn’t sit us in a room for hours on end with about 3 five minute breaks and test us on stuff that some of us were never taught. So don’t think that you won’t make it in life because you failed a class or test because it happens to everyone and you are not defined by the grade but as the person you really are, failure is only apart of life. Don’t let your self worth/self satisfaction depend on your GPA. There may be others around you that make you feel like you aren’t progressing but be aware that everyone is different. Everyone learns and processes things differently so don’t beat yourself up over something you can’t control. Success always feels better when you know what failure feels like.

Thanks for reading, Be Blessed and Stay Humble.


Published by breyanaa

If given the chance, everyone has a story to tell. My name is Breyana I'jae, I am a 25 year old Temple University Psychology graduate, blogger, visionary, artist, creator, self published author, mama, jack of all trades, and lover of many things. 
When I first started this blog in 2013 my goal was to share My Story in hopes of inspiring someone else, I didn't know where it would go, how people would perceive it or what to really do, I just know I lived by the motto, Uplift, Empower, & Inspire.

While those goals still remain my blog will now be a place to promote self-love and self-care but that's not all. Come take a look to see what it offers.

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