Short Story “You mentioned fear last night you know“, he mumbled as he got out of the bed. “And you mentioned her again this morning too, wh…” I tune him out as I get prepared for the thing I call work. How I ended up in bed with him last night, I can’t even begin toContinue reading “Short Story”

Short Story – (Rated R/X) **Before you begin reading, if you are not into erotic stories then you shouldn’t continue as it includes heavy sexual content. I can hear the shower water running as I enter the apartment telling me that my fiancĂ© is home from work early. I exhale as I take off my shoes thinking about theContinue reading “Short Story – (Rated R/X)”

The Key To My Brothers Heart – Kennedy’s Reign (a snippet)

Hey guys and welcome back to the blog! I am so very excited to announce and present to you guys a snippet of my up and coming book. Yes that’s right another book. But this one is different and has nothing to do with my personal life this time around, but you will be introducedContinue reading “The Key To My Brothers Heart – Kennedy’s Reign (a snippet)”