The Key To My Brothers Heart – Kennedy’s Reign (a snippet)

Hey guys and welcome back to the blog! I am so very excited to announce and present to you guys a snippet of my up and coming book. Yes that’s right another book. But this one is different and has nothing to do with my personal life this time around, but you will be introduced to some captivating characters so be sure to tell which one is your fave so far. I introduce to you my first urban/fiction creation: The Key To My Brothers Heart – Kennedy’s Reign. Feedback is wanted and most certainly appreciated. I can’t wait to share the whole thing with you guys. Enjoy!

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Published by Breyana Pennington



As I crossed the foyer into my home a smell invaded my nose. In any other circumstance I would expect it to be a whiff of my wife’s delicious cooking but this time the smell caused me to double over and attempt to catch my breath.

I was all too familiar with the stench of death and automatically I thought of my family. You see… I made a lot of enemies over the years. Being a big time drug dealer and business man came with a lot of perks, a lot of connects, and a lot of hating ass stares from people who wanted to be in my spot. With retirement on my mind and an inch away from my fingertips I was praying nobody decided to grow some balls and fuck with my family.

I pulled out my gun and walked slowly across the threshold. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary I headed to the kitchen…I found nothing. I searched the whole house high and low and came up empty handed; yet the smell still lingered in the air. Speed dialing my wife she answered the phone on the first ring, “Hello lover” I could feel her smiling through the phone. A little wave of relief came over me knowing she was safe. “Where are you?”

I’m just leaving a meeting, what’s wrong?” I didn’t want to alarm her, “Nothing, just checking in, how’d it go? How are you and my boy?” My wife of 6 years and life partner of 9 was expecting a baby boy, the first for both of us.

It was amazing babe, I can’t wait to tell you all about it, I secured a lot of potential business partners for the shop. Our little peanut is jumping around as usual because he knows I’m talking to his daddy. And we’re hungry.”

I can’t wait to hear about it, how about this… I’ll meet you at The Steakhouse in 20 for dinner?” I could hear her shuffling around for her keys.

You need to stop putting your keys in that damn bag knowing you have so much stuff in it. You need to have them ready and in your hand at all times I keep telling you that.”

Sorry babe… Yeah that sounds good…” I could sense the pause in her voice.

Savannah? What’s wrong? Come on I was joking about the bag but you do need to have your keys out and ready

No, no it’s not that. I don’t know I just feel weird, like somebody has been following or watching me, it could be nothing though”

I automatically became hot all over. “Go to your moms, NOW! Don’t stop nowhere, don’t talk to nobody.”

I hung up and dialed my boy B. “Yo Liam, what’s good?” He answered with quickness as usual. What I liked about B was that he would answer no matter the situation, even if he was caught up in some pussy.

B, I need you to come to the spot and bring the boys with you, something ain’t right

Say no more.” No back-story was needed he was on his way.

After hanging up the phone I searched the house some more. I cursed myself for becoming so comfortable; after searching and coming up empty handed, I searched some more.

In the middle of searching both of my phones started going off, both Savannah and B were calling me. I knew Savannah had a bunch of questions but she would have to wait until I had everything situated.

Yo B, you outside?”

Yeah, around back” I went to let them in and I could tell by the look on their faces I wasn’t crazy and they smelled it too.

Scoop, the youngest of the bunch was the first to break the silence. “What the fuck is that smell? You hiding a body in here?”

They all piled into the living room, Scoop, B, Paul, and my cousin Usef. “Nah man that’s why I called you niggas, something ain’t right. When I came in the spot that shit had me sick to my stomach but I can’t find the sourceThen I called Savannah and she said she feel like somebody been watching or following her

B started pacing around the room, “You don’t think Rell and his crew finally grew some balls do you?”

Scoop spoke up, “I doubt that shit, them niggas act tough but when it comes to offing people and going to war, they not about that shit, if anything, they paid somebody to do their dirty work

My mind was going over multiple scenarios and in mid thought I realized I forgot to check one place. “The fucking attic!” They all looked at each other then back at me.

What about the attic bro?” B said.

I didn’t check the attic” I started sprinting up the steps to my bedroom with everyone following behind me.

Scoop and Usef stay downstairs in case anybody decides to show up” I yelled over my shoulder.

B and me reached the door to the attic, which is only accessible through my walk in closet. Automatically we were greeted by a foul ass stench. I stood there for a few seconds trying to get my thoughts together to prepare myself for what I might find.

Watch out let me go first,” B said holding his nose.

I let him go first but before I could make it all the way up the steps he appeared back at the top with a look of defeat on his face “I don’t think you should come up here, you shouldn’t see them like this” he looked like he wanted to cry.

What you mean? What is it?” I tried to move closer but he was blocking the space.

Just tell me man, who up there?” I was starting to get frustrated and scared, nothing scared or made B emotional so I was worried.

Liam…” I could feel the hesitation. “They killed your mom and grandmamma



A week later.


Delivering the news to my boy that his mom and grandma were gone was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. Watching him break down brought a few tears to my eyes and a nigga like me never show emotion. That was over a week ago and since then shit just hasn’t been the same. I been calling Liam back to back for days with no answer but I take it as he need some space and that’s understandable they meant everything to him.

I met Liam in the 3rd grade when I tried to hustle this nigga for his lunch money. Because he was short and wore glasses I thought he was weak. I can’t lie; I was a bully all throughout school because I knew niggas was scared of me. All I had to do was look at em a certain way and they would turn around and walk in the opposite direction. But Liam… Liam had heart. When I approached him he stood tall and held his ground even though I was 2x his height and size. Ever since then you couldn’t tell me we weren’t brothers, blood couldn’t make us no closer than we already was.

That’s why when Liam hit me with a business proposition a few years back I didn’t hesitate to hop on board. Liam always been the brains of the crew while me, Scoop, Paul and Usef was the hitters, killers, and muscle behind him. Don’t get me wrong we gave a lot of good input and best believe Liam schooled us on everything but when it came down to it I enjoyed and preferred to put a nigga down. Ending lives was something that brought joy to me, felt better than busting a nut sometimes, just couldn’t explain it. I ain’t never killed no kids though that’s something I could never bring myself to do. Now my cousin Scoop, that’s another story, nigga picture next to the definition of heartless but that’s my blood and he always looked out for me and the crew when necessary.

I dialed up Savannah to check on my boy, didn’t feel right not being able to talk to him.

Savannah what’s good? Just called to check up on you guys? Liam doing any better?”

She hesitated to answer a little; I could hear the stress in her voice. “Honestly B, he won’t even come out of his office. I keep trying to talk to him but he has the door locked and won’t let me in. I can’t even finish the funeral arrangements because he won’t give me the necessary information for the obituaries. I don’t know what else to do.”

Ard listen…first off I’ll call Usef and see what information he can get for you, then if you’re up for it me and the boys can come over and try to get him out of that room.”

Okay… that’s fine, anything will help.”

Ard Savannah, try to stay up please he wouldn’t want you causing stress to you or the baby especially, he just not in the right state of mind right now.”

I wrapped up the call and hit up the gang to run down the plan, within an hour we were all pulling up to Liam’s.

Savannah opened the door and it was evident she was going through it as well. Her hair was forced into a messy bun and her eyes were baggy and had the darkest circles.

I didn’t know what to say so I pulled her into an embrace. I could hear her sniffling, “He’s in the office.”

We all headed towards the back while Savannah stayed behind. “Usef, knock and see if he’ll answer for you

Bro, we stopped by to check on you, think you could let us in?” Nothing but silence, Usef tried again. “Come on bro, we hate to see you like this. We all here for you, we all hurting, don’t isolate yourself man.”

We could hear some moving around, after about 5 minutes of silence the door cracked open. We all paused at first to see if he would open it or say something but there was nothing so one by one we all piled into the room.

From the look and smell of things it was obvious he was living out of this room since the murders. He hadn’t shaved, washed his ass, and it looked like he dropped a few pounds. Scoop was the first to break the silence, “Boss man how you feeling?”

Liam glared around the room, got up and walked over to the other side. Opening up his closet he pushed a button that opened a compartment where all of his guns were stored. He pulled out all types of guns, some I never even seen or knew he had. Liam wasn’t much of a shooter so I was surprised he had a stash so big.

This is how I’m feeling” his voice cracked with every word. “I WANT NIGGAS HEADS! I don’t know who did this shit but I’m shooting first and asking questions later. Niggas had the fucking balls, the fucking audacity to kill my mama and grandmamma man.

Like clockwork we all pulled him into a bear hug, nothing could be heard but the cries of grown ass men, we were all hurting behind this shit. Business had just become personal. Niggas had to pay, a lot of people had to die.




Trying to refrain from eavesdropping I attempted to start dinner but the fact that Liam actually opened the door for his boys had me feeling some type of way. I wasn’t upset that they got through to him but I tried 24/7 for a week straight to get him to open the door for me.

Hearing yelling I stopped what I was doing and walked towards his office, I could hear Liam going off about handling whoever killed his family.

My heart dropped, I knew he was hurting and I knew he ran with nothing but killers but I never heard him personally talk about killing someone himself. His crew did most of his dirty work, he was the brains and mastermind of it all that covered their tracks and taught them how to make and flip money to make it legal. I low key wanted to walk in there but I didn’t know what I would say and I never interfered with his business. What attracted me to Liam when we first met was his ability to stand out amongst a crowd. He always had this spark about him and was dedicated to becoming successful and getting his family out of the hood.

I met Liam when I was 20 in my sophomore year of college; we both attended schools in ATL that were within walking distance and just so happened to hang around the same crowds. He and I both pledged and had joined the Greek life. I always saw him around campus and at different events but could never bring myself to say anything to him. The attraction was undeniable, all he had to do was look at me and my panties were instantly soaked.

It was on a cold rainy day that we first officially met. I was rushing to class and looking a mess because my umbrella decided to have a fight with the wind. It was evident that I was struggling and becoming frustrated when I heard a deep voice say, “Here let me help you ma” I turned around and was greeted with a pair of beautiful hazel eyes. I didn’t know how to react so I just ended up staring. “You going to let me help you or are you going to stare at me like I’m crazy?” he laughed. I snapped out if it. “I’m sorry you just surprised me, thank you I appreciate it… I’m sorry I didn’t get your name.”

… “Liam, it’s Liam” and from that day on we spent almost every minute and hour of the day when we weren’t busy, getting to know each other. I found out he was from New York and enjoyed a lot of the same things I did, we had a lot in common and complimented each other in a lot of areas. He was double majoring in Business and Foreign Language while I was majoring in Psychology with a minor in Business.

We hit it off perfectly and he was the perfect gentleman, he never pressured me for sex and suggested we take our time, which was new to me because most guys would try to talk your panties off within the first few weeks of dating. Although I was ready to pounce on him at any given moment we took our time getting to know who each other was first. Within the first two months we had pretty much moved in together and had made it official. It didn’t take me long to fall head over heels in love with him. He kept it real with me and we are able to trust each other easily so when he told me he sold drugs around campus I accepted it. That was one of the easiest ways to make money. College students love getting high and always need a plug and that was him. Liam was smart about what he did, he kept everything under the radar and did business with people he knew wouldn’t rat him out. He had connections and knew people in high places. He interned for a Law Firm and interned for CEOs and large business owners. Everything he did set him up for where he is now.

Life being “The Plug” or “Connect” as some like to call it was easy for Liam. He used what he knew and turned it into profit and investments. The money came easy but eventually so did the threats and competition when word got out that he was the one in control of all the product that the streets of ATL and NY were seeing and he was expanding to other cities and states rapidly. People didn’t like it, which is why we were in the predicament that we were in now.

Coming back to reality I paced around the hall, the last thing I needed was Liam getting himself into trouble or getting killed with our son soon to be born. I quickly walked back to the kitchen as I heard them moving around. I couldn’t risk getting caught listening in.

They all came out, eyes puffy and red. It was then that I knew he needed his boys, he needed some sort of connection to his pain, and it was obvious that they all felt accountable for what had went down.

He said his goodbyes and made sure that his boys made it to their cars. As he made his way towards the kitchen he wouldn’t make eye contact with me. “Liam.”

Babe, before you start let me say something” I stayed quiet to see what he had to say.

I just want you to know your efforts didn’t go unnoticed and I appreciate everything you attempted to do to get me out of that room but I needed that time in isolation. You don’t understand, if I didn’t stay in that room, the way I was feeling I would be dead or in jail right now because the whole city was getting painted red. I know you overheard so you know I still plan to put niggas down.”

But Liam I don’t think..” before I got anything else out he waved his hand to shut me up.

I know you don’t think it’s a good idea Sav but it’s happening. I wouldn’t do anything to put you or my son in any harm that’s why you’re going on a vacation

I couldn’t contain my anger anymore, “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW!” My eyes turned into slits and I’m pretty sure he could feel the heat radiating off of my body. “I’m about to give birth in less than 2 months and you’re talking about a fucking vacation, Liam where do you think I’m going? You do know that this baby can come at any time don’t you!?” I wanted to hop over the counter and strangle his ass.

I need you to calm down before you do something stupid. I said what I said, you’re going on a vacation, and if my son is anything like me then he’s a man of patience. End of discussion.”




After the death of my mother and grandmother I admit I temporarily lost it. Barricading myself in that room gave me enough time to grieve and devise a plan to put niggas in an eternal sleep. Everybody was hurting behind this shit so I knew it was wrong of me to blow Sav off but I needed that time to myself. Savannah, or Sav as I like to call her had a hold on a nigga heart since I first laid eyes on her. It wasn’t her body that I was attracted to because to be honest my baby ain’t have much back then. It was her facial features and the way she carried herself, I knew she’d be my wife one day. I always made it my thing to make sure no bullshit or harm ever came her way. So it was killing me knowing that as easily as they got to my peoples they could have gotten to her.

Part of me couldn’t and didn’t want to face her after the murders; I didn’t want to see any disappointment in her eyes. But seeing her for the first time after a week she only had a look of genuine worry and concern on her face. I knew I had to protect her at all costs so I was sending her ass away. I couldn’t take it if they took her or my son away from me. I knew she was mad but I also knew she’d eventually get over it after all of this was handled. I had my assistant book her a one-way flight to Botswana. You had to be smart playing a game such as this. I knew for a fact no one would ever expect to check there for her.

Sav, baby. You still mad at me?” I peeked in the bathroom and watched her struggle to wash her back. That big ass stomach was starting to slow her down.

Here let me help you” I undressed and got in the shower behind her. I could sense the tension as I washed her back and knew I couldn’t send her away feeling like that.

You trust me don’t you?”

Of course I trust you Liam and trust me I understand that this is personal for you but I’m scared

I wiped the tears that fell from her face. “Listen baby girl I love you to death, you and I both know this. I would never intentionally bring any harm your way. I already feel like I failed you, please just ride this out with me. I got you, I got us. This was just a test, if they had the balls to kill my mom and grandmamma you don’t think they going to hesitate to come for you? I’m not having that.” Shit got me heated just thinking about it.

She turned and grabbed my hand in mid movement, “I know how the game works, and I know how senseless people are. I know you can’t promise me that nothing will happen to you but please just try your best to make it back to me.”

Nobody is killing me Sav, that I can promise you. I know you not used to me being out in the field, I’m usually the man behind the curtains but I have to do this. It’s gotten too deep now.” 

We spent what felt like an eternity holding each other, both lost in our own thoughts.

I started to break the silence until… “PAP!” Both Savannah and I jumped. “Don’t move,” I cursed myself for not bringing my gun in the bathroom with me.

Here take this” my baby handed me a small glock. As much as I wanted to bend her over at that very moment I had to find the source of the noise.

Good looking babe” I gave her a quick kiss and peeked out of the bathroom locking it behind me, I saw nothing.

Pap, pap, pap” it sounded like someone was walking across the floor downstairs. As I made my way down the steps I heard it again. Situations like this made me regret buying a big ass house.

As I got to the bottom step I could see the back door was slightly open. Hearing the noise again I turned around to see a big ass dog. “Yo, what the fuck?” I cursed under my breath.

Sav, you not going to believe thi…” was all I managed to get out before I saw nothing but blackness.

I don’t know how much time went by but when I finally came to I was tied to a chair. I looked around the room and saw no trace of my wife or the person who did this shit.

A few minutes later I could hear what sounded like a pair of heels hitting the floor.

Liam, Liam, Liam…Once again I’ve caught you slipping

A bitch I never saw a day in my life was standing in front of me. “Who the fuck is you ma? And fuck is you doing in my crib? Untie me from this chair!”

Such a big command from a man who’s in no position to give orders, don’t you agree?”

Yo, where is my wife?” I was getting heated and wanted to know who sent this bitch to do their dirty work.

You see, I’ve waited so long to get my hands on you. At first, I was just going to kill you and your wife, then I thought about just killing the bitch and that bastard baby but I like to watch you suffer so none of that will do.”

She pulled out a phone and made a call, “Bring her down.” She placed her focus back on me again. “Your crew got lazy Liam, you’ve gotten lazy. Thought you were untouchable. For a man who sees profit off of 80% of the drugs running through these streets why don’t you have security? Shit…I thought you would run out and get some after your mom and grandma but you sat in that room and cried your eyes out instead. You’re pathetic.”

Listen here ma, all that shit you talking is irrelevant, I just want to know where my wife is” clenching my jaw I was wishing I could hop out that chair and kill the mystery bitch with just my hands.

Chill out, let me finish. I don’t see how your crew sees you fit to run shit. You don’t do your own dirty work. What? You’ve busted your gun maybe once or twice?” She started laughing hysterically. “You should’ve left this game to be played by the top dogs.

Come tie her to this chair” I turned to see Savannah being brought in by some husky ass dude.

Liam don’t say a word because I promise you I won’t hesitate to shoot this bitch dead in her stomach. “

“Now, how should we do this?” Placing her hand on her chin she actually looked like she was in deep thought. “How far along are you?” she turned to Savannah.

Savannah said nothing. The anonymous bitch got up and punched her square in the nose. I cringed knowing it was definitely broke.

Savannah who was now crying managed to speak, “7 and a ½ months

Perfect…” She grabbed a bag off the table and placed it beside her. “C go get me a towel this bitch bled all over my Giuseppe’s


 The Anonymous Bitch

You’re probably wondering who the hell I am and why I love to see Liam suffer so badly.

Well…for starters the name is Kennedy. What Liam doesn’t know is I’ve been watching him for years. I know everything about him, where his traps are, who’s on his payroll, everything I need to know to watch this shit go crumbling to the ground. It’s not hard to get niggas to talk when you’re a bad bitch or when there’s money involved. A lot of folks in his crew aren’t loyal but that’s not for me to tell, he’s going to learn the hard way.

Here’s the story, a while back, 2 years ago to be exact, Liam did business with a few guys from Miami, they were newbies trying to get their foot in the game and needed a plug. Liam being the businessman that he is let them run for him, started them off with something small. They grew in rankings and started bringing Liam in lots of money from Miami and NY; therefore they received control over a few blocks and oversaw a few trap spots.

One day word got out that a couple keys of coke went missing from one of the spots. A couple keys missing equal money that won’t be gotten which equals money taken out of Liam’s pocket. He was livid, he figured since the newbies had control over the spot it went missing from that they had to be involved. Nobody could find the keys; everyone claimed they didn’t know what happened. In turn, Liam had all of them killed and placed them in multiple boxes that said, “return to sender.”

For weeks straight I received packages of what was left of my brothers body. The first day it was his arm. I wasn’t able to put two and two together because I had just heard from him. I thought maybe someone was playing a stupid trick or sent it to the wrong address. The second day it was all 32 of his teeth, the third his head.

I completely lost it.

My brother was my heart; he left the city to put food on the table for us. He was all I had. As youngins we bounced around from foster home to foster home, when he turned 18 he was able to leave and get his own place. He promised me that from there on out we would never have to suffer again.

I couldn’t let bygones be bygones. I know my brother wasn’t a saint but I also know he wasn’t a thief so his death was all in vain and selfishness. When I received the last package, as I held his heart in my hand I made a promise that I would avenge my brothers death, no one would be free from my wrath….


Sincerely, Kennedy Carter.

Oh lorddd what does Kennedy have up her sleeve? Trust me it only gets crazier from here. Kennedy is a force to be reckoned with but so is Liam *wink wink*. More characters and more suspense to come. Interested in purchasing? You can do so below.

The Key To My Brother’s Heart – Kennedy’s Reign


This book is also available for purchase at and on Amazon both electronically and physically.

Thank you for reading, Be Blessed & Stay Humble.

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