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Each Thursday (who am I kidding, it can be on any day), we get a closer look into creativity and business; I will be sharing a mix of 13 small business, brands, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and creators while highlighting and sharing an interview with one. Today I had the pleasure of taking a virtual seat with Reid aka Miss Moss The Boss! Me and Reid go way back to high school days and since then she’s become a close friend and girl boss so it was only right that I took the time out to get behind the scenes and lens of her camera. She’s a videographer and youtuber with over 5k subsribers and over 400k views! Take a seat and join us as we discuss her creativity and passion.

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a closer look into creativity & business.

unthrift-fontMe: First and foremost thanks for having a virtual seat with me! You’re a creator, you record, and you influence through visuals. When did you realize you enjoyed being in front and in back of the camera?

Reid: Believe it or not I have always loved the camera and performing in some capacity. When I first got the opportunity to get a camera I became a natural in front of it. My YouTube career started at around 14 when I decided to start recording my own show and dancing and singing videos. I knew then I would always love video visual content.

Me: Tell us a little about your Youtube channel first, were you afraid to start vlogging and sharing parts of your personal life? What kind of videos can we find on your channel? I tried vlogging before but realized my life isn’t all that interesting lol.

Reid: My youtube channel has evolved over the years and it will always evolve. However, it has the foundation of showing my testimony in the journey of becoming the woman I imagine to be. Vlogging can be pretty uncomfortable and it allows you to be so vulnerable for potentially millions of people to see. This is something I always keep in mind and when I’m editing or filming I tend to try and take that into perspective. Although I like to keep it real and raw I still want to always try to respect my audience, potential audience and my peace. I don’t ever want to feel like my whole life and whole self is under everyone’s speculation. On my channel you can find advice/inspiration, day in my life vlogs, reviews, first time experience and growth captured.

Me: What was your purpose behind creating a channel? Tell our readers a little about yourself and what you put out into the world through your videos.

Reid: My purpose really was to do something I enjoy and document moments hoping that my documentation shows a narrative of accepting all of you. Analyzing yourself, being transparent and living life as much as I can. It’s kind of my own way of journaling at times, just visual. As much as I always want to do something that will help someone in some way and I’m not afraid to be transparent, rewatching my vlogs and videos is so rewarding. I see so much growth in myself and because I’m a true sociologist I just analyze the videos so much and notice every aspect (even the ones that aren’t filmed) and feel thankful. Rereading the comments and knowing that people I never even met can truly relate to the things I am going through and knowing we find comfort in each other is what is truly a blessing.

Me: How much effort would you say it takes to record and edit videos? I feel like some people think it’s as easy as 1-2-3. Is that case?

Reid: YouTube is truly a full time job. Editing and Recording, Pre production and post production is A LOT. Many have this misconception that it is that way but when you are serious and have huge goals there are a lot of things you need to know and learn. My boyfriend likes to remind me all the time that as a YouTuber I am my own production team since I am the kind of youtuber that really cares about editing style, content actually being enjoyable, and making sure my audience get’s it at a time of their availability. In addition Youtube isn’t this platform that doesn’t give you a bunch of technical issues so between all those issues and then just the daily grind and work behind concepts, recording, editing and pressure of the youtube culture. THIS IS NOT EASY : )

Me: What do you consider a successful Youtuber to be?

Reid: Honestly, a successful youtuber is someone who is consistent, genuine and enjoys it. Someone being themselves and not lost in the Youtube culture of popularity and “keeping up with the Jones”, no matter the size of their following or views.

Me: You’ve also used your talent to start your own business MossMovesMedia, you create visuals for others, what was your motivation behind taking that step?

Reid: I’m not going to lie, initially I really wanted to just be able to perfect my craft and earn finances given that I was having such a difficult time. However, I realized that wasn’t enough. I like to have a deeper purpose in all that I do, and I realized that I can use my business as a full media platform. So currently, I am working on how I want that to look and so far I think I want my passion of sharing and creating various narratives of people of color to be showcased. So showcase my work and then showcase people providing positive narratives and making an impact in marginalized communities. Also I want to showcase other entrepreneurs, artist, scholars, creators etc.

Me: This is a question I like to ask everyone because it’s important; It takes a lot of focus and discipline to build a brand and you yourself are ultimately your brand. The work you put out ultimately speaks for itself. What kind of self-care techniques do you use to refrain from becoming overwhelmed with juggling life, work, and creating new content, what do you do to relax and get your mental together? If you don’t have any what kind of self-care techniques would you like to incorporate?

Reid: Self care is essential and I am still working on what’s best for me. However, so far I take full days of just relaxation, I tell myself to not work on anything on Sundays. Literally only thing I do is chill, watch Netflix, journal, and drink water, and then go live and wine down with my subbies/family. My subbies are fam! Lol but my lives be so loose and not restricted so I just do those to end the night. But self care for me is trying to not think cause my mind is ALWAYS running.

Me: I recently saw that you write as well, do you plan on doing anything with it or is it just something you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Reid: I actually do. I don’t know if I want to give you ALL the tea just yet, BUT yes I will def be doing something with my writing soon. Hint: Everything will all be coming together as one in a few years lol Stay tuned!

Me: Lol, I definitely feel that, I’m still working on tying all that I enjoy doing into one too! What do you do to get you in the right mood to create? What’s your ideal work environment?

Reid: Sunlight, space, and white walls, or peaceful sounds. Being around other people who are creative or determined to create or execute what they are passionate about. Sometimes I can turn on my soothing music with artist like Daniel Caesar playing as well. I just like to have clear space and a lot of natural light If I am not outside and will prefer a desk or something cause the bed sometimes makes me too tempted to sleep.

Me: What does “being creative,” mean to you?

Reid: Being creative means tapping into your thoughts and emotions freely without restriction and then expressing them in the best way you can to share with other individuals to either interact with or to experience in some way as well. I believe that creativity is something we all have it’s just the matter of which muse we use to let it be shown.

Me: What are some of the goals you hope to achieve with both your business and with your Youtube channel?

Reid: Most importantly I want to inspire and assist people in some capacity with both my business and channel. I hope to become more consistent and just continuously grow with both of them. I hope they both bring many learning experiences and open doors for not just myself but others as well in some shape, way, or form.

Me: Do you have a specific audience you gear your videos towards, or can everyone watch and take something away from it?

Reid: Depending on the series, the target audience varies. I am leaning more towards content for everyone, however I know my current audience loves that I am real and I am totally me myself and sometimes I’m not always for everyone, and I know that, but I want to always feel like I am for me first, and then for the people second.

Me: Has your idea of what a Youtuber and Videographer is changed since you’ve started doing both?

Reid: YES! My views of being a youtuber and a videographer has changed soooo much now that media has become such a popular and easy accessed field. Its extremely challenging and my time management has been tested so much now.

Me: What kind of work are you most drawn to watching yourself? Do you find yourself watching work similar to your own, or completely different? Do you have a favorite Youtuber or videographer?

Reid: I am drawn to content that I can tell the creator put effort into trying to assure it has some “extra-ness” to it. So I like love vlogs that actually allow me to follow a story, or I see the creator put effort in editing and the aesthetic. I love watching consistent people and people whose personality shines through their content. It reminds me of the genuineness of the content and the individualism which I like to say is something I always try to let shine through my work.

Me: For me, I know it’s often hard to commit to writing and releasing content on a daily basis. Do you sometimes have the same problem or do you release content whenever you feel like it and don’t hold yourself to a schedule? How do you balance creating and life?

Reid: I am always battling myself about consistency. I pray to one day have a schedule and bust our awesome content. However, right now I’m still figuring it out and recently I watched another creator on Youtube named Lavendaire talk about the habits that make a successful creator. In her video she reminded me that in a sense the small wins are what matter before your get to your big goal. She said “it’s better to get it done rather than working on it until it’s perfect or up to your expectation!” which to me is the mentality I would like to have and remember when I’m producing content so that this way I can still be consistent and will technically be showing that I am consistently growing.

Me: Motivation can be hard to find and upkeep. How do you motivate yourself to keep the channel up and running?

Reid: I talked to people and recognized how passionate or detailed I can describe the process of Youtube. I also watch old vlogs of myself and read old comments. Those memories remind me of my why, and I love it.

Me: What have been some of your failures so far on this journey?

Reid: My lack of consistency and the transition of figuring out what my audience now wants from me rather than just what I want from my channel and just getting the same engagement now that I am out of college and no longer a college vlogger.

Me: How do you get people to interact with your work? How do you gain your audience? Do you find social media beneficial for that?

Reid: I try to keep things relatable, ask questions and I’m now thinking of adding more movable visual promotions. I also go live and build rapport. I do think my social media is beneficial to my engagement. However, I think with everyone becoming so savvy and us being such a microwave society we are now looking for more than just a flyer or a picture or promo video. We need concepts or an extra edit for something that will make things stand out and I think that’s where I’m trying to improve.

Me: Some creators are also active in other creative areas, what are some of your favorite non-media activities?

Reid: I love singing even though I don’t think I am amazing, I think I can hold a note. I love to dance and write stories. Favorite things is writing a story in free write and developing a climax and making that story seem so relatable. Journaling in itself has become my own creative way of releasing.

Me: What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting their own Youtube channel or starting their own business for the first time? What advice would you give to someone who is pursuing their dreams and talents?

Reid: If you are looking to start your own youtube channel or business be aware that overnight success is not common, consistency is key and DO YOUR RESEARCH! Your dreams take time. Take risk to achieve whatever you see fit but be patient with yourself and always always have faith in everything you do.

Me: Excluding yourself, are there any people in the world that you admire? Any people in general that inspire or motivate you?

Reid: My mom is my number one idol. She’s really the woman I embody to be like most and who motivates me the most in every endeavor. Youtuber: Shameless Maya, Bramty Juliette, Uneak Tershai, Devonte the dreamer, and Aaliyah Jay lol (I love her snapchat it motivates me cause she be living her best life). My friends motivate me as well. Definitely you Breyana! Literally such an inspiration to me just knowing I can do it all.

Me: To be included in that is an honor! It’s always my motive to inspire in some way so I’m glad I could be of inspiration. Your consistency inspires me as well; there’s nothing like having friends you can find motivation in/from. If you could change just one thing about our society through your work, what would it be?

Reid: I want to attempt to change the way we view people of color. Provide more positive images, relatable on a larger scale for not just people who are of color, but for people who aren’t of color to see that we all go through things with similar themes and even if you don’t relate there’s a way to empathize or still understand someone’s experience.

Me: I think that’s a really good idea! What makes your videos and visuals unique?

Reid: Honestly I’m my WORST critic so the only thing I can say is that I really think of clever edits that will either give my audience a flash back or make them smile. If not you will always find a lesson or something in the visuals or video that you can learn from, small and big lessons. For more of my visuals that’s aren’t youtube related I am still finding my style but I want to assure all my projects have a purpose that progresses narratives or inspires people or makes them feel good.

Me: As a creative individual, do you believe that you perceive the world differently from other people? What role do you think emotions play in your creative process?

Reid: As a sociologist and a womanist and then as a creative I really look at the world differently. I think my emotions and understandings play a huge role in how I create and what I edit and what I release for everyone to engage with.

Me: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Reid: In five years, I see myself getting noticed in some way for my work in regards to flim, tv and web series. I also see my channel to be more of what I envision in regards to content quality. I see me being able to be a philanthropist and acting. I really see that in the next 5 years I will be more balanced in the many hats of my business, brand, and my spirit that will allow me to really start blessing others.

Me: Fun fact about yourself?

Reid: I literally have visuals that I create in my head to almost every song I listen to and envision myself in most of them.

Me: Anything else you’d like to share? Advice, tips, motivation, etc.

Reid: Always remember your why and be okay with growth because no one stays the same. You are at the center of your dreams and can do anything you put your mind to. Failure is okay, its just a step closer to getting to where you are going.

Me: Drop your socials so we can be sure to follow you!

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Thanks for allowing us to take a peek into your life and many crafts Reid!

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