Hey guys welcome back to the blog! As some of you may know I am in the process of writing my third book. As exciting as that is I am even more excited to share a second and the last snippet you guys will get before the book is available for purchase. I really would love to share more but I want to have something for you guys to look forward to. If you didn’t get a chance to read the first snippet I released Click Here. This post is a continuation of that so make sure you read it before you take a peek at this one. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do. Enjoy! Feedback is wanted and most certainly appreciated.

**No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system without written permission from the publisher or author, except for the inclusion of brief quotation in a review.

Published by Breyana Pennington


The Key To My Brothers Heart – Kennedy’s Reign.

Chapter 1



Sitting back and thinking about it, I always knew I was destined to be somebody of great power. My momma used to always tell me “Boy you got a head on you, just make sure you put it to good use” and trust me I been doing just that.


Watching my empire grow has been one of the best feelings, I had retirement on the mind, my wife was expecting a baby boy, and my niggas and me were straight. That’s why I couldn’t understand how I ended up in this situation; I thought I had everything handled. I’m a man of great organization and planning so to know that I got caught slipping more than once in such a short time span had me bugging.


My mind was going a mile a minute trying to think of who this bitch could be and how I could get us out of this situation while being tied to a chair. Although I didn’t want to accept it apart of me knew we were stuck and there was nothing I could do.


Perfect…” I could hear her say, she had just asked Savannah how far along she was and I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what this bitch had brewing.


C go get me a towel this bitch bled all over my Giuseppe’s” she turned and smiled at me. I didn’t know what she had in the bag she was holding but my stomach turned just trying to put together a scenario.


Shuffling through the bag she turned and asked Savannah, “natural or epidural?” looking just as confused as me Savannah asked, “What do you mean?”


Never mind, C, go get the stuff out of the car.” She placed tape over Savannah’s mouth so I couldn’t make out what she was saying.


C returned with a bunch of medical equipment, half of which I didn’t recognize.


We’ll just lay her on this table right here, but before you move her I want to give her the anesthesia so she won’t get any ideas on moving. Go hook up the IV’s.”


My heart dropped, I felt useless because I couldn’t help my wife. As tears streamed down my face I was fighting my pride on begging this girl not to harm her or my son.


Please yo, whatever it is that you’re about to do, you don’t have to. My wife and son had nothing to do with what’s going on, shit I don’t even know who you are. Just tell me what you want, you want money? I can give you whatever.”


Liam just shut up, you can’t give me what I want, and it’s a boy? That’s even better.” I couldn’t read the smile she had on her face but it was disturbing as hell.


Alright she’s good to go…” once she had the IV’s hooked into her arm and Savannah was out, she turned back around to me.


This could have been avoided Liam, maybe next time you will think before you act.”


Before I could say anything my mouth was being taped. I had no choice but to watch what was being done in silence.


The anonymous bitch pulled up Savannahs shirt and cleaned her stomach area; pulling out a small scalpel she made an incision straight across. As I turned my head to look away C directed it right back.


She was working on her for what seemed like hours and I was praying she knew what she was doing and didn’t kill anyone in the process. After a few minutes passed I could see her pulling my son out, I was beginning to panic because he wasn’t crying. She slapped him on his back a few times and his cries filled the room.


It was like music to my ears but it pained me that I couldn’t celebrate the birth of my first and only child because I was unsure of what was happening.


He’s beautiful isn’t he C, you want to cut the cord Liam?” she paused for a minute as if I could answer. “No? Okay just thought you would want a part in this joyous moment but I’ll do the honors.” She cut the cord and handed the baby over to C while she proceeded to stitch Savannah up.


Don’t worry Liam she’ll be fine, I just gave her an emergency C-section, I went to school for this type of shit and watched enough youtube videos.” she started laughing and I couldn’t find anything funny.


There, there, all done. It’ll take her a minute to wake up but we’ll make sure when she wakes she’ll be nice and comfy. C move her upstairs to the room.”


Once she made sure they were out of sight and situated she walked around the room cradling my son. “He’s so gorgeous Liam, what do you want to name him? I’ll handle that too, you see…you took something that was so precious to me away and I couldn’t let you get away with it. I’ll leave it to you to put the pieces together but we’ll consider this a life for a life.”


She grabbed her things and walked out of the house with C following right behind her.


I could hear heels again, she peeked her head through the door, “oh yeah, the name is Kennedy bitch. Try to find me when you grow some balls.” Slamming the door behind her, she made her exit.



I was left sitting there in the dark with my thoughts. Devastated was an understatement, I felt like she ripped my heart out and took it with her. I didn’t know what to do, didn’t even know where to start. Kennedy? The name didn’t sound familiar and I had no situation or event to place her face. I felt weak, she damn near had taken everything I loved. My mom, grandmom, and now my son, my fucking son.


My phone was vibrating in my pocket but I had no way to get to it. Looking around the room I couldn’t see a thing, I tried moving my body in the chair but that didn’t work either. In defeat I sat there for hours just lost in my thoughts.


Hearing the door open I couldn’t make out who had walked in. “Liam, you in here bro?” “I don’t know why the door is unlocked” I could hear B say to someone behind him.


Trying to make as much noise as possible being as though I had tape over my mouth I started moving around.


What the fuck is that, Scoop find the light!” After about 2 minutes the lights came on, squinting I could make out Scoop and B coming towards me.


Liam what the fuck man, what happened? Who blood is this? Where is Savannah?” The questions came flying as they untied me and I couldn’t do anything but drop to my knees and cry as I became free. The world had been stripped from under my feet and I truly was a broken man.


My son, they took my fucking son” I managed to get out. Both B and Scoop looked bewildered. “What you mean b? How they take your son, Savannah had him?” B questioned.


Look, just give me a minute and I’ll explain.” I went up to check on Savannah who was still out, looking at her lifeless stomach I dropped to my knees once again. I failed her, the woman who trusted me with her life, I failed.


B came behind me and put his hand on my shoulder. “What happened man?”


As I broke everything down the best way that I could Savannah started coming to.


Me, B, and Scoop were all sitting around the bed looking sick as hell. How do you tell a woman that the life she was carrying inside of her was gone? The very thing she looked forward to everyday and the human that she formed a connection with before they entered the world was no longer in her womb.


She looked dead at me then at her stomach, I could see the questions written all over her face. “L…Liam…Where’s my son?? I can’t, I can’t feel him inside of me anymore, where is my baby? LIAM… “ she started yelling and crying hysterically.


Savannah baby, calm down, please you’re going to hurt yourself”. B said pushing me to the side. Time stood still as I tried to figure out what the fuck this nigga had just said. I watched my right hand, the only brother I knew run to my wife and comfort her as if he’d been doing so for some time.


But our son Brandon…where is he? What happened?”


She called this nigga by his government, and referred to the son we had together as “our” I was losing my shit in the middle of the room watching it all unfold. Every instant I ever thought that they were too comfortable but brushed it off flashed back in my head. All the red flags came rushing in, I had to accept that my best friend and wife were fucking, and the son I believed I had was no longer.


In a rage I pushed past him and knocked that bitch on the floor. I was hoping every stitch she just got opened back up and she bled to death right on that damn floor. I turned to B who already had his gun pointed at me. “That’s how we do it now? I thought you was my boy “Brandon” what happened? That’s some foul shit y’all pulled on me, kind of fucked up don’t you think?” He smirked and cocked his gun.


I ain’t do shit but put you in a position to win and you play me like this? When I ate you ate, I looked out for you when you ain’t have nobody else since we was youngins and this is how you feel?. I was in my feelings and couldn’t hide it, I was hurt. “Why man? I can’t just blame you alone but out of all the females you could have came at or fucked, you choose my wife? How long?”


He looked on the floor at her whimpering in pain then back at me. “2 years.” I lunged at this nigga with all my might and took his gun from him. “PAP” one straight to the dome. I turned to Savannah and hesitated. I couldn’t believe the woman I loved and wifed wasn’t the person I thought she was. I was hurt over losing my mom and grandmom, hurt over losing the son I thought I had, hurt over finding out my right hand was disloyal, and hurt over knowing this was the last of my family. I had emptied the rest of the clip into her without even realizing…

Chapter 2



As I stood there holding a smoking gun I turned to see Scoop standing there eyes wide, mouth open, looking stupid. “Nigga you knew anything about this?” I walked up to him, gun in hand ready to let loose.


Nah Liam, I promise you bro, I’m just as surprised as you. I mean B was my blood but I never knew that was the type time he was on.” I couldn’t gauge his response and I no longer knew whom to trust.


I looked him dead in his eyes. “So how you feel about me killing your cousin? Because I need to know now if this is going to be a problem in the future, I got enough niggas on my head, and apparently bitches too.”


I think you know me better than that Liam, I hate nothing more than a disloyal muh-fucka, family or not. That family shit means nothing to me, besides B y’all the only thing I got that’s close to fam. What he did was messed up and I wouldn’t have hesitated to do the same if I was you.”


I never had a problem with Scoop and over the years he put in a lot of work for me, and put down a lot of people off the strength of the team. I never had to question his loyalty but I never had to question B’s either. I paced back and forth hoping I wasn’t about to go against my better judgment by letting this nigga live. I was fucked up in the head over all of this. In my head no one could be trusted, no one could be given the benefit of the doubt.


Look I know what you’re thinking, you been through a lot over the past couple of weeks but all I have is my word and I’m a grown ass man who don’t need to lie about shit. You can either take that or do what you want with it but I’m letting you know I’m strapped and not going down without a fight. One bad apple don’t ruin the tree my nigga, feel me. Just because he betrayed you don’t mean we all out to get you.”


He had a valid point but I was still skeptical. I wasn’t going to end his life; well not tonight at least, if I needed to in the future I wasn’t hesitating. “My nigga chill, I know how you get down. I’ll take your word, do me a favor and call up Paul, Usef, and the rest of the crew, I need to find out who I really got on my team.”


As he made his calls I paced around the room trying to piece together everything that happened over the past few weeks. I was losing my mind trying to deal with surprise after surprise, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know what hurt most but I know my heart was turning cold and I wanted everybody to feel my pain.


They on the way now…and what you want to do about these two?” he pointed to Savannah and B. “I don’t know man I’ll have one of the boys handle it, they can stay there and rot for all I care.”

After a few minutes went by Usef, Paul, Rod, Jace, and Lou came strolling in. I now had a seven-man team including myself. I didn’t like a lot of people around me or in my camp for situations like this; too many people to watch, too many snakes go unseen so I opted for a small strong team vs. a big weak one.


We all piled into my office as I ran down the events that had taken place. A lot of them seemed surprised that B would betray me while others always sensed something was off about him. It’s fucked up because that was my mans, and because he was my mans I let that blind me from seeing what was really happening.


So boss, you say this bitch performed a c-section and took the baby with her? That’s some crazy shit, you only see shit like that in the movies.” Lou spoke up.


Yeah man, that shit was tough to watch. At the time you know I was watching the love of my life be tortured and robbed of giving birth or holding her child, shit was fucked up.”


I can only imagine, so what we going to do about this? She obviously bold because she showed her face and it was personal for her so she took her time. You don’t have any idea who she could be? Or who she know or related to?


The questions came rolling in, “Listen Lou, I don’t know the bitch, she don’t even look familiar. She start talking all of this crazy shit talking about a life for a life and this could’ve been avoided. I have no idea who shawty know.”


Ard so look, we going to pull some strings, see who know what you know the streets talk. She obviously getting revenge on somebody we put down or somebody she assuming we put down. Hard part is finding out who, we put a lot of niggas down.” Jace said.


Jace was a good guy, I still never understood why he wanted to be apart of this lifestyle, he had a good upbringing, parents spoiled him to death, but it was something about the thrill that caught his eye. He was one of the youngest on our team, kind of like the baby brother of the bunch but he had a sharp ass eye for detail and was good with numbers, and could find just about anything out. This nigga had a close ear to the street. He just had a bad ass temper and tended to act before he was able to think. I kept Jace close to me because I knew he was destined for more. I had connections to many companies and even offered to help him start his own business, organization or whatever he wanted, but he wanted this lifestyle. I gave all of my niggas that opportunity, some accepted but always came back to run on the wild side.


Listen here, Jace what you just said sounds good to me, see what the streets know. I also want y’all to remember that at the end of the day we have an image to uphold. When y’all running around town laying niggas down do it discreetly but do it to where as though a message is sent, I don’t want none of this shit getting tied to my company, do we all understand?” I was a businessman first, I just so happened to master the art of drugs and capitalizing off that shit second.


Usef and Paul let me holla at yall real quick?” After everybody piled out I pulled the people I keep the closest to me to the side. As I looked around the table at Scoop, Usef, and Paul I wanted to believe that my team was loyal and on the same page as me. “Listen fellas, y’all like brothers to me but I’m putting it out on the table that I won’t hesitate to kill you mutha-fuckas if I feel like some shady shit going on. It’s too much happening and I need to feel confident in the people I keep close to me.”


We feel you Boss, I think we all on the same page here. We all been through a lot lately how about we go get our minds off this shit for a little while and hit the streets.” Paul suggested. “You up for it?”


Let’s do it.” 

The Anonymous Bitch

AKA “Kennedy”


Nobody wanted to believe me when I said niggas were disloyal in Liam’s camp. I knew some things weren’t right but when I heard that B was the father of the child I kidnapped I was shocked. I had kidnapped the little shit for nothing. I was kind enough to drop it off to B’s mother since I had already killed Liam’s. I was mentally putting a plan in motion on how to make him suffer some more, call me crazy, psycho, pressed, whatever but I wanted to make him suffer before I finally killed him or he either chose to kill himself.


Family is something I take personal so I wouldn’t be satisfied until I imagined he felt the same pain I did when I opened each package just to find another of my brother’s body parts. I had more than a point to prove. I wanted him to suffer like my brother did but in the worse way.


Pulling up to 1 Oak I was ready to let my hair down and celebrate with my girls. I had made Liam break and that was enough to call for a celebration. I didn’t have a lot of friends or fuck with too many bitches the long way but the ones I did roll with meant a lot to me. Caprice, Alexis, and Holly were like sisters to me and we been holding each other down since grade school.


This shit rocking tonight y’all, I’m so ready to show my ass” Holly said.


Yeah, you literally are showing your ass with that little ass dress on” I loved Holly but sometimes her choice of attire was over the top and uncalled for. Her only goal was to find a man with deep pockets to fund her shopping addiction. She’d do just about anything for a buck but that was her preference and I never judged.


I told you all to dress nice tonight, we need to look good as a unit if this plan is going to work. Come on let’s go, we’re not waiting in this line.” Although I stayed lowkey I knew people all over. We were in the club in no time.


Heading straight to the bathroom I had to make sure I was looking good and unnoticeable. I couldn’t chance anyone knowing who I was or that I was still in the city. The club was extra packed due to a celebrity appearance and for that I was grateful.


Girl, do you see all of the opportunities in here tonight, please tell me we taking a few of these sexy muh-fuckas home” Alexis came out of the bathroom nearly yelling.


First, calm your pussy. There will be plenty of other opportunities for you to get your shit off, tonight is not the night unless you do the job right.” I needed everyone to be focused for the task at hand.


As I exited the bathroom I couldn’t help but to smile. It’s like God kept answering my prayers and making my job a lot easier than it needed to be. “Change of plans girls, new task.”

Now that’s some crazy shit isn’t it? Liam just can’t catch a break but I guess you guys will have to stay tuned to find out what will happen next. Can’t give you all of Chapter 2 just yet…

P.S. This book will be available for purchase starting in February of 2018! I will keep you guys updated on a specific release date.

As always, Thanks for reading. Be Blessed & Stay Humble.

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