Is Circumcision The Norm?


Hey guys, Happy New Year and welcome back to the blog! While a New Year is exciting enough a lot of mom to be’s have been finding out the gender of their baby(s) including myself. While pregnancy comes with a lot of questions in itself, finding out the gender brings on even more with some being more daunting like “what are the pros and cons of having my baby circumcised“? Yikes… we jumped right in there didn’t we. Right to the point, so I came to the conclusion that most people don’t even think twice about it and honestly I didn’t until I was faced with the fact that I’m expecting a baby boy and it was brought up in a conversation amongst me and his father.

So why didn’t it cross my mind before? Circumcision has become such a norm that no one ever really looks into it. We hear things like intact (uncircumcised) penises are dirty, stinky, and just unwanted, all in all they are looked down upon especially in the looks department. Me being me I went ahead and did my research on it, besides seeing Youtube videos on the procedure that made my stomach hurt I couldn’t find any medical reasons as to why it’s necessary. Go ahead just put in “baby circumcision” on Youtube then let me know what you think. Maybe I’m just super sensitive but seeing the procedure done made me cringe. Of course there are pros and cons as there are pros and cons to every single thing on earth but is it medically necessary? I don’t want to make my child go through a surgery if it’s not a necessity.

I did read that men who are intact can retain moisture between their penis and foreskin which creates the ideal environment for bacteria to grow and can increase the risk of infection for them and their partner. For hygiene purposes and aesthetics seem to be the number one reasons and intact penises run the risk of contracting an UTI which the statistics said has probably a 1% chance of happening. Another risk being that the skin may have to be removed as the child gets older due to an infection or their foreskin not being able to retract properly. The risks of keeping the skin seem minute compared to what can happen with removing it. Botched surgeries being the number one reason to be iffy, it’s important to take into consideration that it isn’t just “snip snip” and done with. Overall, I haven’t seen any medical reasons as to why it NEEDS to be done, it’s always been optional. It seems practicing good hygiene can rule out most of the risks of keeping the skin. Yet and still, people have different opinions; some do it for religious reasons, other do it by choice. If we’re being honest here, they all look the same when hard if we’re talking about looks…but moving on along. I think most people’s opinions come from being told it’s the norm or it’s something that has to be done. Also because circumcised penises have been put on this pedestal of looking better, no one wants to wear the “turtle neck” all year round.

It’s a question that has to be asked and something to think about, don’t jump the gun because you feel it’s the norm. Do your research and know the risks you subject your baby to by circumcising or choosing not to. Becoming a parent means making a decision you feel is best for the sake of your child. And yes, babies are numbed while the procedure is done but my worry kicks in with the risk of what could go wrong. So again, it’s something to think about, if you’re facing the decision with your partner or the fathers child, etc. then talk about it. If you’re not sure of the pros and cons, ask your doctor. Feel free to do your own research but I would like to know what your opinions are on the subject. Would you circumcise your child? Did you circumcise your child? Why or why not? Even if you don’t have children yet or never plan to, if you’re a guy and have experiences with being circumcised or intact, how do you feel about it? If you’re of age and have dated someone with an intact penis did it make a difference? Was it noticeable? Because I’ve been conditioned to feel that’s the norm, it’s a question I can honestly say I’m struggling with. I will say after seeing the procedure done and reading up on it, I am leaning towards not getting the procedure done but it’s an ongoing conversation to be had and research to be done until me and his father come together to make a decision. The way I’m looking at it is if my son wants to get it done as he gets older for his own personal reasons then he can do so. Unless it becomes medically necessary anywhere along his upbringing, the procedure can be done as an adult if he wishes. But then again I hear many stories about the pain if a man has to get it done while older, so it’s a tough one; then there’s the fact that it’s better done as an infant so the debate continues and people continue to have their own personal thoughts and reasoning. Share your thoughts!

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Update: (Jan 6, 2018)

This post has gotten a lot of attention and feedback and I thought I’d add a few of the comments people left via social media. There are too many to include all. Be sure to scroll down and check the comments left on this actual post as well. Links are clickable if you’d like to be taken back to my facebook page to join the discussion there.

  • Rissa Vasile The correct term is intact/whole, not uncircumcised. Just like you are not undecapitated. 😉

Breyana Pennington Thanks for the correction!

  • Melissa Marie I have 3 intact boys. They are their own person. Who am I to alter their most private parts?!

Foreskin is normal, healthy and serves many functions.

Breyana Pennington I agree! Thanks for commenting 😊

  • Rissa Vasile Circumcision is based on myths and outright lies. It’s is a violent (and I mean violent- watch a video of the procedure with the sound on and tell me it’s not torture) violation of basic human rights. There are zero benefits, other than the money the doctors make from it. The foreskin is there for a reason and it has numerous immunological and sensual functions. Without it, the penis head becomes dried out an desensitized, very often causing dry and painful sex for one or both partners. 70% of the world’s men are intact. My 2 boys and husband are intact and have never had any of the scare tactic issues doctors claim the foreskin causes.

People can learn all they need to know and what American doctors won’t tell them at:

Breyana Pennington Yes I’ve watched the video and had a conversation afterwards which caused for me to write this post! I agree it looks painful although a lot of ppl tend to argue the child doesn’t feel it, they’re under anesthesia, etc. it just wasn’t something I could bare to watch.

Rissa Vasile @Breyana Pennington parents are unfortunately so misinformed and flat out lied to. It’s so sad! They have no idea how traumatic it really is. I heard someone say, “If circumcisions were done in the hallways, it would end tomorrow.”

Rissa Vasile The nurses say that the baby slept through but in reality they went into shock. Good on you for being bold and writing about this! 👏👏👏 

Breyana Pennington @ Rissa Vasile I watched a video and the baby screamed the entire time. I don’t know if he was crying due to pain or being uncomfortable but either way it was heartbreaking to see. The problem is it’s become such a “norm” that no one thinks to question iSee More

  • Alegría del Colibrí  If ANY of this genital cutting of babies/children were to be invented now, having never existed before, it would be considered unthinkable! Especially knowing what we now understand about babies’ and children’s emotional/psychological sensitivities, and the long term consequences of early trauma…
  • Mary Day Circumcision him…..picture a man without being circumcised… might hurt him now for a minute (while he a baby) but he will thank you later as he gets older. Truth is …How can u turn back foreskin if it’s tight (without circumcision), it much easier to wash with being circumcised

Breyana Pennington @ Mary Day, If he remains intact you’re not supposed to pull the skin back to clean it, it will eventually retract on its own as he gets older so he can then pull the skin back and clean it. If he’s taught good hygiene there’s no reason he should have problems in that area.

Rissa Vasile @ Mary Day, I can- I’m married to one, and I have 2 intact sons. There is nothing extra to be done with a baby. You wipe the outside only- no retraction.

Mary Day SIMPLY put a man has to pull back his foreskin to completely wash his penis if not he can risk getting infected due to pee, sweat, later on in life ejaculation….think about it niece

Breyana Pennington @ Mary Daym Yeah that seems to be the argument most people say but again if he’s taught good hygiene and taught to properly clean there shouldn’t be issues.

Rissa Vasile @ Mary Day, It takes 2 seconds to rinse in the shower. It is more difficult to brush your teeth.

Sarah Terrell I think your point is too up in there air. A parent shouldn’t gather all the information and make the choice they see fit. A parent shouldn’t even consider at all for one second to cut their child. It shouldn’t even be a thing we think about doing to our precious baby boys.

  • Alegría del Colibrí It is the “norm” ONLY in the USA …. apart from the Jewish and Muslim population.

Europeans are horrified when they hear about what Americans do to their newborn boys for no valid reasons whatsoever!

It’s beyond belief and beyond disgusting.


Alegría del Colibrí I don’t know if you are able to read any of my comments and links, because every comment containing links has been “marked as spam” by the Facebook censorship.

So many of these informative comments are being censored and deleted.See More


  • Venetia Gunn-King As for looks, remember that Leonardo Da Vinci, arguably the greatest artist ever to have lived, and a true genius, stated “Human subtlety will never devise an invention more beautiful, more simple or more direct than does nature because in her [nature’s] inventions nothing is lacking, and nothing is superfluous.” (no such thing as ” extra skin”) His acclaimed picture “Vitruvian Man” [Universal Man] comes complete with foreskin. *There are no universally acknowledged, world renowned pieces of art depicting a circumcised male*. Every body part is a work of art…so why take knife to the canvas?
  • Amber Grace Intact partner was my favourite and cut men repulse me. Cut men have dried very discoloured and wrinkled glans and uncomfortable. Intact men are the best. My son will not be cut his father would never allow it just like my daughter is not cut. Water is all that’s needed to take care of both sexual organs.
  • Christine Grace I’m glad you are open to learning about this! The pro/con chart in your article has some serious issues, and these might help with your decision.

Pro 1 – the protection against UTIs is miniscule at best. It’s like taking the 1% chance down to .9% chance. In no way is that a justification for a surgery. Removing appendixes would prevent ALL appendicitis, but that is not ethical.
Pro 2 – Sure if you no longer have a foreskin, you can no longer have infections under it or have it be tight. Again we can’t just take people’s appendixes or breasts to prevent issues.
Pro 3 – the reduction in STDs are very disputed, and even if circ reduces them, PREVENTION is the goal and only comes from safe sex.
Pro 4 – should not even be on there as it contradicts itself. That’s like saying removing teeth reduces the risk of gum disease…. but so does brushing.

As you can see, these are huge reaches. They are not at all reasons to cut healthy tissue from a newborn baby.

The con side has issues too.
Con 1 – THESE ARE HUGE. They may be rare, but if you are the boy who gets a horrible infection or your glans cut off, it will damage you badly or permanently. These risks are acceptable when the surgery NEEDS to happen. They are 100% unacceptable when the surgery is unneeded.
Con 2 – Doctors CAN use SOME anesthetic. Many of them use nothing. Nothing can truly block the pain except general anesthesia (never used for routine infant circ). The videos you saw online are real, and those boys are suffering.
Con 3 – If that is what stops people from choosing it, then great. But insurance coverage does not affect whether it’s harmful and painful. If anything, it proves how needless this is.
Con 4 – the reason it has to be done right away, is that older babies struggle and fight and react far worse than newborns. The newborn suffers just as much, but cannot fight back or communicate it.
Cons 5-infinity are missing. Those are all the pain and suffering, the loss of sexual function and pleasure, the feelings of being violated and robbed, the shock that babies go into, the ruined breastfeeding relationships, the emergency trips back for bleeding, the meatal stenosis that affects a huge percentage of circed males, the adhesions and skin bridges, and I could go on…. all things that matter. All things that men and boys suffer from a needless surgery that they never chose.

Please keep learning before your son is born! Do the research steps at Your son will be born perfect, just like a daughter would be.

Hillary Goodwitch @ Christine Grace, Foreskin is definitely a design feature, not a flaw.
Boys are born perfect, too!

  • Breanna Skinner We kept our son whole, as it’s his body and not our place to remove perfectly healthy and purposeful pieces from his body.
    He has successfully lived to a year with no infections, no yeast, and is squeaky clean.
    10/10, best decision we *didn’t* make for our son! 💙

#yourwholebaby #intactgeneration #mendocomplain #yayforeskin#genitalautonomyforall


Thanks for all the feedback and comments, and for those who joined the discussion, a big thanks, some of the feedback was really informative.

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