Why Do Men Put Off Doctor Visits?


Hey guys and welcome back to the blog! So we all know how I feel about self love and self care, it’s really important to me. But today, this topic is in regard to my fellas. Men don’t practice self care as much as women do, maybe not even half as much, and when I’m referring to self care in this sense I’m speaking on grooming, doctor visits, etc. Men hardly ever go to the doctors unless something is wrong and this boggles my brain because why?? Maybe it’s fear, insecurities, or not wanting another man looking at their private areas. It could be a number of reasons or excuses a man may give as to why he doesn’t regularly see a doctor or dentist. They will ignore several risks and wait until something is severely wrong before they make that trip to get checked out. So that means most don’t get tested regularly, get yearly check ups, or visit the dentist every 6 months. Does anyone really stay on top of their dentist visits? Probably not, so I won’t point the finger here at males but it’s important to know your status and keep yourself updated on your health.

Men are a lot more casual and laid back about their health, and honestly most will only go if they hear it enough from their partner, or someone close to them, or they feel something is wrong as mentioned before. Girls are handed books on puberty at young ages, I remember receiving mine in elementary school and reading about STD’s, STI’s, menstrual periods, and the changes my body will go through. I want to believe that the boys were given them too but even if they were the average young male isn’t interested about reading stuff like that if the conversation isn’t had at home first. Or it’s simply seen as a joke, males tend to have to uphold this level of masculinity even throughout childhood. I was very young when my mom first told me about my menstrual period and how I shouldn’t be scared when I got it, it just meant I was growing up. That didn’t stop me from being scared but I knew what was happening with my body after a trip to the bathroom at 11. Are females more health conscious because we are forced to grow up in a sense early on? Are conversations being held with males about their health and bodies? I’m honestly curious as to why this stigma against doctor visits exists in males. Females are taught how to check their boobs for lumps but males aren’t taught how to check their testicles for bumps, lumps, and other abnormalities. Ask your average male how often he does self checks, then compare that answer with what you get from a female. We have the media portraying male medical rectal exams as homosexual and something to avoid until their health is at risk and they realize it’s not such a joke anymore.

Through conversations I’ve been told that some men are simply scared of the unknown and that’s why they put off visits. I often hear “I don’t have insurance” there are many resources to take advantage of, government insurance, free clinics, etc. Then you hear “There’s probably nothing wrong” or “I don’t have the time” and even “I don’t have a doctor” and the list goes on. Feeling fine is not the same as being healthy and we all should be regularly checking on our health. I only wish for their to be an increase in men keeping track of their health and well-being. There’s also a lack in men who get groomed and it all comes down to upholding that masculinity. There’s nothing wrong with facial cleanses, nail upkeep, feet upkeep, and generally taking care of your body.

Opinions or experiences as to why men put off visiting the doctors? Comment below if you wish to share.

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