First Trimester – “The I Still Can’t Believe It Stages of Pregnancy”

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Around week 4 of pregnancy it’s very likely that you don’t know you’re pregnant or just finding out. If you do find out at this stage you’re considered to have found out early. This is where things are exciting and scary and you’re probably having mixed emotions. “Am I really ready to be a parent?” “Omg this is real!” It’s the freak out stage. Symptoms may not be around just yet but this is the time to make your first prenatal appointment (some places may not see you so early, but it depends on your place of choice) and start taking those good ole’ vitamins. If you’re not a fan of the big horse pills you’re usually prescribed, gummies are a great option! I personally like vitafusion’s PreNatal with DHA, Folic Acid, & Multivitamin. Doctors approve of these, but double check with yours.

At 4 weeks your baby is only the size of a poppyseed and still a tiny ball of cells that’s making a home in your uterus. But did you know your baby’s neural tube, (the building block of the spine, brain and backbone) are already formed? Crazy right. Your body may be experiencing PMS-like symptoms such as bloating, mild cramping and light bleeding/spotting (normal as your baby implants into your uterus), and mood swings. If you’re wondering who to tell outside of the father and close relationships, I’d keep things quiet until about 12 weeks or after, only letting your inner circle know as things are still very risky at this stage. Plus you want to give yourself time to process the big news!

At week 5 your baby is the size of an Appleseed but he or she is already forming major organs such as the heart, stomach, liver, and kidney. The digestive, circulatory, and nervous system also start forming this week! Exciting stuff, as you go through pregnancy you realize size doesn’t matter and your baby is in there working hard and growing at a quick pace. So it may look like a dot, but it’s doing a lot. Now may be the time you start getting symptoms, nausea may have creeped up, your breast may be sore, and you may be tiredddd. But don’t worry you will regain your energy back in a few weeks! That bloat is still hanging around too, be prepared because you won’t lose that for a while. It happened a lot with me after each meal or I noticed during the night throughout my first few weeks. If you worry a lot like me, stay away from miscarriage stories, while they are informative they will have you stressing. It’s okay to read them if you’re interested, but not to the extent where you worry yourself. Trust that everything is going right until you feel that something is wrong. I worried myself with “what ifs” and possible scenarios when I first found out and it does no good for you or your baby. Talk to your doctor if something feels off or you experience major bleeding or cramping.

Week 6 is still fresh and new like your emotions! Your hormones may be fluctuating like crazy and you might feel a little crazy and moody too. You’re more than likely exhausted, want to sleep all day, and downright beat. The nausea doesn’t go away just yet unless you’re a lucky mama who didn’t experience nausea at all. Boobs still sore? Probably so. But just so you know, they’re already prepping for breastfeeding. Your baby at this stage is the size of a sweet pea so still fairly tiny but he or she will double in size over the next week! Baby is starting to sprout eyes, nose, ears, chin, and cheeks and might even be wiggling their hands and feet (which don’t resemble hand and feet yet at this stage). Did you know your baby developed a heartbeat around weeks 3-4. It’s still too soft to hear but people who have received early Ultrasounds have reported being able to see it flutter on the screen. You don’t start showing yet and what you might think is a baby bump is more than likely just bloat. I didn’t start forming a true bump until around weeks 17-19 but everyone is different. Stay patient. I still captured memories by taking pictures every week to measure growth.

So it’s week 7 now and you’re probably still hearing “omg, you’re what?” yes, pregnant. It’ll hit you that you’re really growing a baby inside of you when your Ultrasound comes around, or maybe it hit you as soon as you got those two lines or confirmation for your doctor. Nevertheless, it’s an exciting, yet scary journey. Your symptoms are the same at this point, if not increased. You may feel hungrier, crankier, and the list goes on. You may have food cravings or aversions now, even smells started to turn me away from certain foods that I once enjoyed. Emotions/hormones are still peaked and you may experience vivid dreams and even insomnia in your early weeks. Some say they don’t experience insomnia until the end but I had trouble falling asleep in my first trimester, everyone is different. As for baby, he or she is still developing like crazy, forming arm and leg joints, generating thousands of brain cells, and gaining a stronger heart. He or she is only the size of a blueberry.

Week 8 is around the time most OBGYN’s agree to see you for your first prenatal appointment. It all depends on where you go for your care because I was able to get confirmation from my primary and be seen for my first prenatal within a week’s time frame so I had my first prenatal appointment during week 5. During this week you may have a heightened sense of smell, constipation, indigestion, bloating, or heartburn. Your boobs may still be sore and feel heavier or even start growing. Fatigue and nausea are still hanging around for some mama’s and those dreams, yeah they get pretty weird. Baby is the size of a raspberry now and is moving around like crazy but you won’t feel anything yet since it’s so tiny. He or she is forming taste buds this week which is pretty exciting!

As soon as you find out you’re expecting it’s important to start eating different if you haven’t already been. That includes cutting down or completely stopping your soda intake, deli sandwiches are a no-no, cold lunch meat can’t be eaten unless it’s warmed up first. Avoiding things with tons of sugar, salt, and grease is a good step but even that can be hard. I craved Coke soda and Pizza (still do) a lotttt. Hot wings were also a must for me so it’s all easier said than done, but if your doctor says it’s okay to indulge then go ahead but just be mindful of what you’re putting into your body. If you aren’t sure what you should be eating ask your doctor. The first trimester is always the most wacky from what I’ve experienced and from what I’ve heard but things do subside and calm down during the second. Stay tuned for weeks 9-12! If you enjoyed this post be sure to read about how I found out I was expecting, Bit By The Baby Bug, Now What?

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