“Discussing Pregnancy with a Mommy To Be” – Sherrie


“Journeying Through Motherhood”

Sherrie: A Mother to Be

Deciding to create a comfy corner on the blog to fill with exciting advice, experiences, tips, stories, and anything helpful I come across as I journey to childbirth and beyond has been one of my greatest ideas. I’m enjoying reading about other mother’s experience with pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. This is a place for expectant mothers and mother’s to come and feel empowered and ready to take on the world. Even if you aren’t expecting or a mother just yet, and just starting your research on what it’s like and what you need to know, you’ve come to the right place! Instead of having several tabs open on Google just stop on by and take a seat.

Today, I’ve had the pleasure of taking a virtual seat with Sherrie who was lovely enough to share her experiences of motherhood with me. Interesting enough we went to the same high school so it’s been nice to have someone who is close in weeks of pregnancy to share journeys with.

Me: Thanks for having a virtual seat with me and choosing to discuss this amazing thing called pregnancy. First and foremost, how does it feel to be growing and nurturing a little human so far?

Sherrie: It feels good. I was afraid at first because I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s a wonderful feeling knowing that my son is literally growing inside of me every single day. It hasn’t fully hit me yet, though. I don’t think it will until I’m actually birthing him.

Me: How far along are you? What are you having? Tell us a bit about yourself.

Sherrie: I am actually 6 months and two weeks today! I am having a boy. Everyone in my family except for like three people thought it would be a girl, but his father and I knew what he was since we were about 3 months along.

I am a senior at West Chester University and I am graduating in May. I am set to graduate May 12th and my due date is set for May 29th. I am hoping he’ll come right after graduation.

I’ve been with my boyfriend, his father, for two and a half years and he’s made this journey a very comfortable one.

Me: How did you feel when you first found out you were pregnant? The emotions are real, how did you react?

Sherrie: When I first found out I was pregnant, I was excited. I kind of knew because my boyfriend kept telling me that I was, because I had been getting sick and I guess he noticed some changes in my body. I was a bit confused, but I was still excited. His father was excited as well. He was surprised, but still excited. I cried when I found out and I’m still not sure if it was out of fear or excitement.

Me: So far, what would you say is your favorite part about being pregnant? Or do you even like being pregnant? I know how exhausting it can get, some people just want to hurry up and give birth.

Sherrie: Honestly, being pregnant is one of the most tiring things I’ve ever had to endure. The first three months were hell because I threw up all day, every single day, and I could barely eat. Once the sickness died down, the heartburn came along. I still get heartburn at least 3 times a week. With all of that being said, I love being pregnant. Just the thought of bringing new life into the world makes all of this worth it. Plus, he’s starting to kick now, and although he wakes me up out of my sleep with his kicks sometimes, I still get really happy anytime I feel him move.

Me: Are you scared to give birth? What have been some of your worries so far?

Sherrie: I am not afraid to give birth even though people tell me that I should be. I also want a natural birth. I don’t want any drugs. I suggested a water birth/home birth to my boyfriend and he wasn’t having it. I also want my birth to be recorded as well. I want to witness it when I’m not pushing and screaming.

Me: Did you have any symptoms before you found out you were pregnant? If so, what were they? Do/Did you have any symptoms during early pregnancy or now?

Sherrie: Before I found out I was pregnant, the only symptoms I had experienced were morning sickness and my breasts were extremely sore. Early in my pregnancy those two symptoms stayed with me and heartburn came along. I also had to go to the emergency room twice because I was cramping early on. I’m glad it was nothing serious.

Me: It takes a lot to raise a child, go to work, and do whatever else it is that needs to be done. But Mommy’s also want to have fun every now and then. How do you plan to juggle life, work, and raising a new baby? Can we even plan that far ahead or do you think it’s something we’ll learn as we go through the process?

Sherrie: I believe that this is something that I’ll have to learn to balance. I know his father will make it easier, but I feel like I will get extremely attached to my baby and forget that I need to have fun too. I’m kind of just planning on taking it one day at a time.

Me: I feel like self-care is really important, especially for expecting mothers. What kind of self-care techniques do you use to refrain from becoming overwhelmed with growing a human and daily life? Most importantly, what do you do to relax and get your mental together?

Sherrie: I try to take very good care of myself since I have a little one inside me. I don’t fight my sleep anymore, I take long relaxing baths, I try not to stay in the house every single day, and I make sure I don’t stress myself out with school work and my job. I also talk to my boyfriend a lot. Anytime I feel like I’m becoming overwhelmed or I just need to decompress, I vent to him for hours and that helps me out a lot because he always reassures me that everything will be okay.

Me: How do you think the transition will be? Going from being someone’s child to someone’s parent.

Sherrie: I think the transition will be easier for me because I have three nephews and I’ve been present in their lives since the day they were born. They’ve taught me that children require patience and so much more. I changed their diapers and taught them new things and I’ve watched them grow literally every single day. I think they’ve unknowingly prepared me to be a mother.

Me: How is your pregnancy going so far? Did/do you have morning sickness or any complications? Did/do you have any food cravings?

Sherrie: My pregnancy is going very well so far. The three months of morning sickness has gone! I only get the other symptoms that I discussed earlier.

As far as food cravings go, I eat everything! I eat a lot! I always crave fruit and turkey breakfast sausages. I also crave spaghetti here and there. I eat at least 5 times a day, and at least 2 out of the 5 times, the meals are something I crave.

Me: Reflecting back on the person you were in your teenage years and even before pregnancy. How would you say getting prepared to be a mother has changed that?

Sherrie: Preparing to be a mother made me understand that I can’t just put things on the back-burner anymore. I have to get things done BEFORE it is time for them to be done. It isn’t just me anymore. I have to make sure I am on point with everything. I can’t be as careless as I once was.

Me: What do you think the hardest thing about motherhood will be?

Sherrie: This is a hard one. The hardest thing about motherhood for me will be raising a young black man in this social/political climate. I’m afraid. The world is a very scary place for black men.

Me: Do you have a birth plan (natural, medicated, etc.)?

Sherrie: I plan on having a natural birth. I don’t want any drugs.

Me: We all worry and motherhood increases that worry 10x. What’s your biggest worry about your child’s future? And as a mother, what’s your biggest fear about the journey of motherhood?

Sherrie: I don’t really have any worries about my child’s future at the moment. I’m sure it’ll hit me harder when he’s actually here, but right now, I am pretty positive about his future. I know what kind of person I am, and I know what kind of person his father is, and knowing these things assures me that my child is destined for greatness.

As a mother, my biggest fear about the journey of motherhood is not knowing what to expect. With being a mother, you learn as you go. Things happen that you can’t predict, and you have to adjust accordingly. You can’t lay out a plan and expect everything to stay in place. That’s what’s the scariest for me.

Me: One thing you never had that you want for you kid/kid(s) if you choose/want to have more in the future?

Sherrie: I want my children to be able to express themselves freely without someone trying to steer them toward a different path.

Me: How important do you think it is for new mothers and mothers in general to have support through pregnancy and motherhood?

Sherrie: I think support through pregnancy is very important. This is the time where the woman is most vulnerable. I admire women who go through pregnancy alone. They are strong. I don’t know how I would handle it if I had to do it by myself. Support through pregnancy is a must. Just having someone there whenever you need them through this time of endless emotions is probably the best thing ever. All women should have unlimited support while they’re going through pregnancy and I feel for anyone who thinks otherwise.

Me: Did you have an idea of what being pregnant would feel like? How has that changed?

Sherrie: I had no idea what it would feel like for me. I thought it would be more painful, so I’m glad I was wrong about that.

Me: Would you say your relationship has changed with your partner/baby’s father since finding out you were pregnant?

Sherrie: I would say it has gotten stronger. This was a surprise for the both of us, but he’s done very well with adjusting to the person that I’ve become since I’ve been pregnant. He’s very supportive and reassuring. He makes things easier.

Me: Do you find it weird when people touch your belly?

Sherrie: Not really. I used to like rubbing on my sister’s belly when she was pregnant. Some people just like to do it, I don’t think it is weird.

Me: You’re in a crowded store with a full cart and your baby starts throwing a tantrum. What do you do?

Sherrie: WOW. I would probably leave my cart and take my baby to the car to calm him down.

Me: How do you plan to bond and strengthen your relationship with your baby? Do you do any bonding now while he/she is in the womb?

Sherrie: I talk to him now. When he gets here, I plan on reading to him, and talking to him and giving him as much love and affection as I can.

Me: Do you plan to breastfeed, bottle-feed, or both? Why or why not?

Sherrie: I plan on breastfeeding. I’m not too crazy about formula.

Me: Craziest or funniest thing you’ve googled so far about your pregnancy or pregnancy in general?

Sherrie: Do I really want to share this? LOL I think I’ll pass.

Me: Anything else you want to share about pregnancy or motherhood? Advice, tips, etc.?

Sherrie: Try to enjoy your pregnancy, even when you’re in pain.

Thanks for sharing Sherrie!

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