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Hey guys and welcome back to the blog! Today I had to stop through and share an interview I had the pleasure to do with blogger and poet, Jasmin Marie.

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MeFirst and foremost thanks for having a virtual seat with me! You’re a creator, you write, you speak, your words resonate and make an impact. When did you realize you loved to write or had this talent?

Jasmin: I realized I loved to write when I was younger. Had to be in my teens and I’m not sure why I distinctly remember this but I do lol. But anyways I was on my porch and had a notebook with me and I was just sitting there chilling. Observing everything around me and I can remember feeling content. I was really happy that day. I started to write a poem about the day and I think I went distinctly into detail about a tree. I wish I had the poem still but I knew then I was blessed with a very special gift. I also used to write stories (even though I never would finish them). Writing was my own personal escape from everything.

Me: Putting yourself out into the world is always nerve wrecking. I personally feel like it’s nothing more intimate than poetry. Writing and blogging is also intimate but poetry always evokes a different feeling. Were you nervous to put your work out into the world? Tell us a little about your poetry.

Jasmin: I was extremely nervous because poetry for me is very intimate. These are like my deepest thoughts and I’m unsure of how they will be internalized. I want people to be able to resonate with what I’m writing about. My poetry is about love. Love in general. Love for myself and love for others. Love other people share. But on the other side of the spectrum it is also about pain. What I, or even someone else may have gone through or be going through. I want my poetry to continue to grow and for my writing skills to get better.

Me: You also blog, where/what can we find on your blog? What was your purpose behind creating it?  Tell our readers a little about yourself and what you put out into the world through your writings.

Jasmin: Yes, I have a blog!!! You can find my blog at www.jasminmarie.net and on my blog you can find regular lifestyle posts about different topics that come to mind, not anything specific. Also, on my blog I do interviews, “JasTalks” so I’m definitely anticipating our interview Bre! And I also cover different events in Philly I attend. I created my blog because for one it was something I always wanted to do but when it came to designing the blog, I would get so frustrated I was just like f*** this I’m not doing this anymore. But I eventually got past my stubbornness and realized this is where my heart is, writing. I want to write and I want to brand myself. I want to be able to express myself and share stories about things and people that mean most to me. Through my writings I release thoughts that I am thinking and hope to start a conversation. I am also aiming for people to be inspired. I want them to be reassured that they’re not the only person going through something and that I understand, I feel how you feel and I respect that. I just want a community of people who keep it a hunnid with one another.

Me: It takes a lot of focus and discipline to build a brand and you yourself are ultimately your brand. The work you put out ultimately speaks for itself. What kind of self-care techniques do you use to refrain from becoming overwhelmed with juggling life, work, and creating new content, what do you do to relax and get your mental together? If you don’t have any what kind of self-care techniques would you like to incorporate?

Jasmin: Self-care is such a hot topic right now lol. But some self-care techniques I use is writing of course lol. I have a journal I write in or I’ll write in my phone. I also have begun meditating (struggling with doing it daily but I’m doing it!) it really helps to center me. I light candles. Do a face mask and relax for a while, even watching tv helps me unwind. Music, music is always a go-to for me. Puts me right where I need to be every time.

Me: Do you self-reflect or keep a journal or do you spill your thoughts through your poetry or both? Why or why not?

Jasmin: Personally, I do both. In my journal I am able to go more into detail about what I feel/going through and also helps me to realize what I personally need to take away from it and learn from. Everything you experience is an opportunity to learn. When I write poems they are about how I feel literally at that exact moment. The way they work 9/10 times is I come up with a few lines that flow and then just start writing afterwards and the key for me is to write it immediately or I’ll lose it. Like I’ve literally been driving and writing a poem because I can hear in my head how dope it sounds and I have to write it out asap. Doing both help me so much and are both able to bring me peace of mind.

Me: Is it just me, or do you sometimes get writers block? What do you do to get you in the right mood to create? What’s your ideal work environment?

Jasmin: For me personally, what I’ve realized is that I’ll have writers block because I don’t want to put something out for the sake of putting something out. I need it to mean something. So currently I don’t put any pressure on myself to write. I write when I am ready to and that is when I am most authentic and raw. My ideal work environment would be a room with many plants and lights with some candles lit and some music playing, that’s what brings me the most peace when I need to write.

Me: What does “being creative,” mean to you?

Jasmin: Being a creative to me means expressing yourself and every way you see and need fit. Not conforming to what you or others think you should be doing and doing things just to do them. For instance, when I was younger I used to write songs and for whatever reason I stopped. Now I am starting to get back into and it’s for me to gain satisfaction for myself. I like to write songs so that’s what I’m going to do. Being a creative to me means not letting fear stop you from venturing into other avenues.

Me: Your poetry page goes by Queencocorose. Where did the name come from?

Jasmin: The name is something I came up with kind of on a whim lol. I wanted something that described me so; Queen is because I am a Queen. I hold myself to a high standard. Coco is to describe my complexion. I used to hate, literally hate, being dark skinned. Eventually, I overcame that insecurity and embraced my complexion. I love my dark rich complexion and wouldn’t change that at all. Rose, I used to describe myself emotionally in a way. I am sweet and delicate. Beautiful in all ways.

Me: When I used to write poetry a lot, my work stemmed from a place of pain and a place of love, being in love mostly. Where does your poetry arise from?

Jasmin: It is the same for me. I write either out of pain or love. But I also write about how I feel someone else feels. Kind of in a way writing for them. Being their voice.

Me: What are some of the goals you hope to achieve with your writings? Are your blog and poetry just a hobby or something you hope to take far in life?

Jasmin: My goals is to connect with people and be able to inspire each other and grow. I feel like we all can learn from one another and that’s what I want to do. My blog and poetry will go far in life if I put my intent behind it. I am a very talented person. I literally can do anything I set my mind to.

Me: Do you have a specific audience you gear your writing towards, or can everyone read and take something away from it?

Jasmin: Anyone can and hopefully takes something away from my writing. I would say I am a very emotional writer so I hope that men don’t take offense to what I write but use it as a lesson for themselves. Maybe it’ll help them understand something about a relationship they’ve had or have that they didn’t understand before. I just want everyone to read and take something away from it.

Me: Has your idea of what poetry and blogging is changed since you’ve started doing both?

Jasmin: To me they are 2 separate things because I am more in tune with my emotions when I write poetry. With blogging I am looking to interact and help teach lessons and share my life experience.

Me: What kind of work are you most drawn to reading yourself? Do you find yourself reading work similar to your own, or completely different?

Jasmin: I am a hopeless romantic, so I love fiction romantic books and also inspirational books to help grow as an individual. I read work similar to mine but from better writers who in my opinion have a much more extended vocabulary. That is something I am working towards presently.

Me: For me, I know it’s often hard to commit to writing and releasing content on a daily basis. Do you sometimes have the same problem or do you release content whenever you feel like it and don’t hold yourself to a schedule? How do you balance writing and life?

Jasmin: I tried to hold myself to a schedule and couldn’t do it and would beat myself up about it so now I write when I want to write and that has been working for me. A lot less stressful for me as well lol. I just write when I am ready to and just do what makes me happy at that present moment.

Me: How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog up and running?

Jasmin: I motivate myself by thinking of different ideas to write about and how I can best present myself. At the end of the day my blog is my journey and one of many ways to express who I am and that’s what I am going to do.

Me: What have been some of your failures so far on this journey?

Jasmin: Not receiving the attention I’d like or support. I was just talking about this with one of my friends and its crazy how you follow so many people on IG for example but they won’t support what you are doing creatively but will like a picture of  a quote or a picture of yourself. So not getting the views I’d like and not working with any brands yet makes me feel sometimes like I should quit. No one is interested in what I have to say but at the end of the day it isn’t about that, it is about me sharing my journey because I want to and even if it inspires one person that is enough satisfaction for me.

Me: How do you get people to interact with your work? How do you gain your audience? Do you find social media beneficial for that?

Jasmin: I am still learning to do this but at this point I know I need to truly be myself. In every shape way form and be confident expressing that to the world. But I also have to be conscious of what people want to see and even go as far as what they are going through that they need someone to help them with. Social media is a great tool to gain your audience because you literally can meet so many different creative and unique people. I intern doing social media for @vitalitymeditation and I love being able to help tell a story and so far in my journey I realized people love stories and enjoy being sucked into a narrative. I love that.

Me: Some poets/writers are also active in other creative areas, what are some of your favorite non-poetry/literature activities?

Jasmin: At the moment, I would say I am still learning this about myself. I used to dance awhile back so I am interested in getting back into dance. I also am ready to get into photographer and like not do anything crazy lol but just try it out. I love art and photos and it would be great to create my own images.

Me: What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting their own blog or sharing their poetry for the first time? What advice would you give to someone who is pursuing their dreams and talents?

Jasmin: Do not be afraid of being vulnerable. Being vulnerable is so healing for yourself and allows you to shed so much unnecessary weight. If you want to start a blog, start it. If you want to write poetry, do it. Do not stand in your own way because you are capable of anything you want to do. You control your mind and if you are putting all your intent into what you are doing than that is all that matters. Don’t compare yourself to other and go at your own pace. Your dreams and your talents are literally just that, YOURS, so trust your journey.

Me: Excluding yourself, are there any people such as writers, poets, etc. in the world that you admire? Any people in general that inspire or motivate you?

Jasmin: Yes, literally so many lol. I love John Green, Maya Angelou, Nicholas Sparks. I look up to a lot of people. So many people pull on different heart strings. I love Vicky Logan, she is a YouTuber and I’ve been following her journey for a while. I love her because of how authentic she is yet  I know it’s hard for her to still reveal certain parts of herself. She’s great. I also love Michell Clark. He has his own website/brand and I look forward to getting his emails every Tuesday along with the playlists he curates for them. He offers great tips and is a very creative writer.

Me: If you could change just one thing about our society through your writings, what would it be?

Jasmin: We need to honestly get off our phones and communicate more. In my opinion, it is why we are so afraid to TRULY be ourselves and be vulnerable because we are always hiding behind a phone, a tablet, a laptop or whatever. We are able to mask ourselves and create a certain perception but it’s important for us to take a step back and check in with ourselves and with the people around us.

Me: What makes your writing unique?

Jasmin: My writing is unique because it evokes emotion. But like really deep emotions but flows like music. I love that. Sometimes I feel like I’m a rapper lol

Me: Fun fact about yourself?

Jasmin: I’ve wanted to go to Barcelona since I was a little girl because I watched the Cheetah girls movie lol. I’m definitely going one day.

Me: Drop your socials so we can be sure to follow you!

Jasmin: @jasminmarie___ (3 underscores) on Twitter and IG

Thanks for allowing us to take a peek into your life Jas!

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