Stop Standing In Your Own Way – Motivational Monday

As we all know, life can get stressful. It can get overwhelming, it can get frustrating and downright annoying. When things don’t go how we want we tend to look at external sources but how often do we look at ourselves? Our thoughts sometimes influence our life more than our actions, as a matter of fact our thoughts influence our actions. Let’s take a quick look at these different roadblocks and see if it’s indeed us who is standing in our own way. 

  1. Self-Doubt: A lot of times we find ourselves questioning whether we are capable of doing a task, maybe it’s qualifying for a job or leading a group, or setting out to chase a dream. Doubt is the first thing that may enter our mind. We tend to ask, “Can I really do this?” or even say, “Maybe someone else is better for the job,” “Maybe this isn’t for me,” and sometimes it gets to the point that we psych ourselves out and give up altogether. But how would we know what we are capable of until we try? When we start to question, we start to sabotage the thought altogether. Instead of thinking about why you can’t, think about how you can. If you aren’t in the necessary position ask yourself “What can I do to succeed in this?” “How can I become qualified for the position?” Often times we have the necessary qualifications to succeed but once we start doubting we decrease our chances of getting things done. 
  2. Holding On To The Past: The past can be looked at two different ways, either we dwell on it too much or blame it for where we are now. The thing is no matter what happened in the past good or bad, it can’t be changed. Everyone has some type of baggage carried on from the past but the choice of what to do with it is ultimately yours. You can put it away or just to carry the weight forever. Don’t look at the past as a burden or good times you will never experience again, the past should be learned from and used as motivation to put yourself in a better position in the present. We’ve all made mistakes in the past, learn to forgive yourself, learn to let release, allow yourself to heal. 
  3. Comparing: We compare ourselves to people and ideals a lot without even knowing. Society is to blame a lot of the times because there are these ideals that exist that force us to think we should be at a certain place in life at certain times. Also looking at other people who may be moving quicker or succeeding a lot faster causes you to question yourself at times. “What am I doing wrong?” “Why am I not at this place yet?” We are our own worst critic and give ourselves the worst judgment because we know who we are and ultimately what we could/should be doing. The thing is we often compare ourselves to these ideals that may have been attainable for the next person but isn’t necessarily obtainable for us given our current circumstances or level in life. We forget that we are walking on our paths and experiencing our own journeys. Yes, people may have similar experiences but we are all individuals with different minds, mindsets, experiences, and resources. Start focusing on your strengths and finding strength in your flaws. Focus on what you do have and what you can do because if you spend time focusing on what you don’t have, you will never be happy. Make do with what you have and spend less time comparing and more time working on your dreams and passions. Don’t diminish yourself and your talents and all of your accomplishments by comparing yourself to anyone or anything. Be content with where you are and work on getting further. Take it easy, be gentle and be kind to yourself.

Never strive to be perfect, strive to be you. No matter how much you erase or re-do something it will never be perfect but at some point you have to accept it as good enough. Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from taking risk, life is full of surprises because that’s just what life is. Do what makes you happy and smile more. Go after your dreams and don’t stop until you are satisfied with the outcome. You hate your job? Do everything you can to find a new one. Thinking about starting your own business? Do your research and go for it! Anything is possible if you apply yourself, don’t stand in your own way by doubting if it is. We all have a fear of failure but if you fall get back up, learn from your mistakes and try twice as hard. Always give YOUR best not someone else’s definition of what “best” or perfectionism may be. Remember, never strive to be perfect, strive to be you.

Success is always what you make it, you define what success means to you. It’s important to have your own definition of success because if you don’t, people will always tell you that you haven’t succeeded. I am nowhere near the pinnacles I plan to reach but that doesn’t stop me from feeling like I haven’t succeeded in life. As always “Do You” and choose you always. You change your mind, you change your life. Don’t be afraid to check yourself and realize when you are being toxic towards yourself.

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Thank you for reading, Be Blessed & Stay Humble.

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