Train Your Mind

Train Your Mind

When you wake up each morning look in the mirror and speak five lines to yourself:
1) Everything is possible.
2) I can do it.
3) I am a conqueror.
4) Today is the day.
5) God is always with me.

Imagine a world where people attempted to use their full potential. Imagine a world with no homeless people, no unemployment, and no struggle. Imagination is very powerful. Where do you think the things we use everyday to get by comes from? Someone somewhere sat down and imagined it, they imagined that they could build a machine that helped people breathe. They probably tested it a few times and encountered many problems along the way but today that machine is life support to millions of people. It all starts with a simple thought, a simple image in your mind. There are many who have the potential to change the world but that’s all it will ever be is potential.

Do animals have less fear because they live without words?”

We as humans have so much fear embedded in us. Fear to try, fear to think, fear to challenge ourselves. What are we so afraid of? Afraid that we might actually make a change if we tried or are we just too lazy as a society to even attempt? We will encounter many problems along our journey in life and sometimes we might even think that we will never amount to anything, and if you’re thinking it then your right. If I walk into an exam thinking I’m going to fail then I’m going to fail because I’m telling and convincing myself about the outcome. You can succeed and do anything that you want in life if you really believe and think you can. The only thing stopping you are the doubts you have about yourself. It is a process to change how you think but nothing in life is easy, a simple thought can change your whole day and the many days to follow.

Published by breyanaa

If given the chance, everyone has a story to tell. My name is Breyana I'jae, I am a 25 year old Temple University Psychology graduate, blogger, visionary, artist, creator, self published author, mama, jack of all trades, and lover of many things. 
When I first started this blog in 2013 my goal was to share My Story in hopes of inspiring someone else, I didn't know where it would go, how people would perceive it or what to really do, I just know I lived by the motto, Uplift, Empower, & Inspire.

While those goals still remain my blog will now be a place to promote self-love and self-care but that's not all. Come take a look to see what it offers.

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