It’s amazing, the way you make me feel
I can’t explain it, I wish I could bottle up this feeling and contain it
Put in my pocket for entertainment
I love it, I love you
No words could ever express …
how I fell, how I’m still falling for you
I want to get lost in your eyes
I want you to get lost in my thighs
Lets become one
I want to be next to you when the clouds roam beneath the sun
lets get lost in each other
Lets get lost in the covers
Read me a line from your favorite book
Intrigue me with your deep conversation
Turn me on with your intelligence
Open me up make me use my head until its evident…
Evident that the knowledge is flowing from my body
You’re a work of art and your body is my canvas
I’m painting you a picture of my boundless gratitude
I’ll wrap you like a gift just so I can unwrap you
Tell me that I’m yours and no one else’s
Cause you’re mines and only mines shit call me selfish
I could stare at you for an eternity for your smile lights up my world
Your voice it keeps me warm
And your touch could cause a storm
I close my eyes and I see you, even with my eyes open you’re still there, you invade my dreams, you interrupt my thoughts
I can’t help that I’m falling, I fall harder each hour, minute, second of the day
Its Un fathomable its unimaginable
Im looking for the ground but I haven’t found it
What is this feeling
What is this feeling
My heart is pounding
My heart is racing
In my mind I’m running but in reality I’m just pacing…
when I love, I love hard ..
You, You unraveled me
There’s no going back I lost touch with gravity
I’m Floating on cloud nine
This feeling is like a high
If I reach high enough I think I could touch the sky
You touch me with your words, verbs .. literally
You got me, you win
If you ever walk away then …
I guess that’s The End
Tell me what more can I do or say
These words exit my Brain and permanently engrave themselves on my skin
Open book with jumbled words you are the ink within my pen
Look at me with fire and I’ll look at you with desire and whisper to you slowly that it’s my love that you’ll acquire
Kiss me hard and my limbs won’t cooperate
The way my body’s trembling its losing the control to functionally operate
Losing my mind I’m going insane my body’s the runway and yours is the plane
You speed me up to slow me down overwhelmed by the feeling
Is it possible to drown
I’m drowning in this love and anticipating the making
oooh baby take my hand and feel my pulse my heart is racing
Look me in my eyes invade my space no separation
Tell me I make you feel good, no sexual interpretation
My love runs deep just use your imagination
This is only a snippet of my ongoing presentation.

Thanks for reading, Be Humble and Stay Blessed.