The Importance of “Me Time” After a Breakup

spending time alone taught me ‘real’ love Most of us have experienced heartbreak, if not consider yourself lucky. It sucks when you build a bond, get to know all of these things about a person and then boom, relationship over. You feel sadness, anger, grief, you go through all the stages of a breakup which … Continue reading The Importance of “Me Time” After a Breakup

#HurtBae: Putting Up With Cheating? Why is it that when a man cheats and a woman finds out the question becomes "why didn't you just leave?" The question should be "Why did he cheat to begin with?" Often times men get a pat on the back when they are young and can't commit. This video is saddening to watch, … Continue reading #HurtBae: Putting Up With Cheating?

Let’s Discuss: The Honeymoon Phase

If you've ever been in a relationship then you know what the "Honeymoon Phase" is, I'm not referring to an actual honeymoon but that "phase" in a new relationship where you can't get enough of each other. With new relationships comes the butterflies, always wanting to be in the presence of your partner, finding it … Continue reading Let’s Discuss: The Honeymoon Phase


It's amazing, the way you make me feel I can't explain it, I wish I could bottle up this feeling and contain it Put in my pocket for entertainment I love it, I love you No words could ever express ... how I fell, how I'm still falling for you I want to get lost … Continue reading Him