The Importance of “Me Time” After a Breakup

spending time alone taught me ‘real’ love Most of us have experienced heartbreak, if not consider yourself lucky. It sucks when you build a bond, get to know all of these things about a person and then boom, relationship over. You feel sadness, anger, grief, you go through all the stages of a breakup whichContinue reading “The Importance of “Me Time” After a Breakup”

Why Do You Attract The Damaged Ones?

I’ve had about three serious relationships throughout my life. As they ended I used to joke that I only attracted men with parental issues until my last relationship ended and I realized it was beginning to be a serious problem. It got to the point where I found myself questioning why this was. Was IContinue reading “Why Do You Attract The Damaged Ones?”

Deleting The Toxic Out of Your Life…

The word “toxic” gets thrown around a lot these days. Toxic vibes, toxic people, toxic energy, but how do we know who and what is really toxic? Let’s not get toxicity mixed up with undesirable or annoying. You have that friend who is always talking your head off about the same old problem and thenContinue reading “Deleting The Toxic Out of Your Life…”

CelebriTEA Sunday – “Guess Who”

Guess Who? Every time I turn around there’s a male R&B artist who seems to ALWAYS be in the news. Can you guys guess who? This artist can never seem to catch a break and ever since his domestic violence case the media has set out to ruin everything he does. Now, there areContinue reading “CelebriTEA Sunday – “Guess Who””