CelebriTEA Sunday – “Guess Who”

Guess Who?


Every time I turn around there’s a male R&B artist who seems to ALWAYS be in the news. Can you guys guess who?

This artist can never seem to catch a break and ever since his domestic violence case the media has set out to ruin everything he does. Now, there are many male artist who have had run-ins with the law regarding domestic violence, some we know of, and some that we don’t. But this guy has recently won over the hearts of those who hated him, when his newfound relationship with his daughter emerged in early 2015. He dances his ass off, calls disloyal ho*s out, but still doesn’t want to be judged.

If you guessed Chris Brown, then yes you are right.

downloadMr C. Breezy is always in the media. The latest news involves him being accused of battering yet another women. Some have forgiven Chris for his incident with Rihanna while some will never let that die down. Personally, I don’t know him to have an opinion on his character, I only know what the media states and what he chooses to disclose. As far as his music, it’s good and you can’t deny that he dances like no other.

It’s impossible to know every detail that takes place in a celebrities life. Some things we will never know if they are true or not because money talks, and when money talks things get swept under the rug.

Is Chris Brown as bad as the media tries to portray him? I honestly think he isn’t. But let’s face it, I can count on one hand how many positive articles I’ve seen about him. Most are looking to break his character and fan base. From the drug usage, domestic violence, rehab, jail time, toxic relationships, court cases, etc. people will always choose to focus on the negative. And let’s not forget with this rise in social media people will never let him be great with these memes circulating.

11358144_277568672413562_246048428_n   7075226368201502_1442_agdbe_smSome old, some new but it’s what you get when you type in “Chris Brown memes”. No matter what he does, he  will always be remembered for beating on his girlfriend, and his up and down relationship with Karrueche. And don’t get me wrong he has done a lot of crazy things in order to keep being in the media but I feel like the media works twice as hard to make sure they paint him as a bad person. A person can change and I don’t know him nor do I watch interviews about him to grasp an idea of whether he’s changed or not. But I will say from what I do see, it can be assumed that he’s been working on bettering his character and his daughter has played a role in that. Look at her she’s beautiful.



His past is full of mistakes, should they always be brought up? In no way shape or form am I advocating for him or saying “hey let’s erase his past” because he did what he did, but can bygones be bygones or should the fact that he beat on Rihanna always be a factor? Should his toxic relationship with Karrueche be hung over his head? Or should he pay the piper and just deal with the backlash of his actions which includes “assumed” and things that have actually taken place?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading, Be Blessed & Stay Humble.


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