#HurtBae: Putting Up With Cheating?

Why is it that when a man cheats and a woman finds out the question becomes “why didn’t you just leave?” The question should be “Why did he cheat to begin with?”

Often times men get a pat on the back when they are young and can’t commit. This video is saddening to watch, while I’m sure much was cut out and edited, what we are able to see is enough to get insight on the dynamic of the relationship. Not everyone gets a chance to have a sit down and find out why someone treated them wrongly so of course this video has been the talk around the world.

The female (Kourtney) is visibly upset and while she’s endured a lot of pain from the guy (Leonard) she still finds a way to forgive him and gain closure. What we see in this video is a woman who loved a man more than she loved herself, that’s how you lose yourself in another person and it never ends up good. I’m a woman so I can relate and I’m sure a lot of us have been there and done that.

It was astounding to watch Leonard ask Kourtney why she didn’t just leave. Sadly, when a woman loves a man he can cheat on her, dog her out, mistreat her, and she will still find a reason in her head as to why they can still work on things. Women love hard, and sometimes I think we as women love too hard to a point where our love can turn into being down right stupid. We’ve all played the fool for someone and have put ourselves through hell to hold on to situations that were begging to be let go of.

It’s easy to say she should have left when she found him cheating and he kicked her out but it’s not always easy to just up and leave someone that you truly are in love with and have feelings for no matter what they may do to you. Some people are quick to forgive than others or may forgive easier, there are different tolerance levels when it comes to what you will and won’t put up with.

If he didn’t want to be in a committed relationship than its simple he shouldn’t have been in one but men often times don’t think that way. In a later post he acknowledged that he wasn’t man enough to walk away and acknowledged that he did her wrong and can’t take it back but can take responsibility over his actions. While an apology can’t fix what has already taken place admitting is always the first step in growth. Cheating is always a debatable topic, especially when it comes to arguing whether a person should or shouldn’t have worked things out or made the choice to stay with their partner. Everyone has their preferences.

They both are now in happy relationships with other people but it’s interesting to see how situations such as these play out. Women are very forgiving but have to be careful on whether they are giving more chances out of love and hope of change, or out of pure blindness and stupidity. People will only change when/if they want to.

“Ladies, know that you can never teach a man to cherish what he loves or claims to love. That lesson will come to him when you strut out the door and he realizes what he has lost. And you don’t owe anybody anything, if you find yourself asking “Why am I here, I’m not even happy” pick up your shit and leave!! We spend too much time feeling sorry for ourselves. You want to be happy right? Well what’s holding you back.” – Heartbreaks & Heartaches

Thanks for reading, Be Blessed & Stay Humble.

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