The Pieces Have Fallen

The Pieces Have Fallen

     Breyana I’jae

The pieces have fallen

Each time I attempt to stitch them back together I find that my hands won’t move and my fingers won’t cooperate.

Yet again I’m the only one attempting to put them back together as if “together” never existed.

As they hit the floor and scatter around me my mind goes blank.

Takes me back to the days I stayed up late wondering about wondering.

The worry lines have imprinted themselves so deep in my forehead that I neglected my vision.

Ignoring red flags when instead I should have been waving them or better yet paying attention as you painted and created them.

But the race is over, the tires have left their mark as I continue to search for a finish line that was created in the dark.

Reminiscing about reminiscing, I imagine you forgot who I am or who I will be.

I imagine my pain as being nothing but a source of energy.

I stand before you drained not able to speak but asking why.

Searching for answers that you have no answer to, like why did he do it and why did you do it too?

Is this my destiny? To be forever jaded and left hating. Are my eyes not open wide or are they covered with veils?

Does my mouth not open or are my lips eternally sealed?

I have dropped the pieces, the pieces have fallen.

The language of love gets harder to understand, each piece no matter how small has to be found, replaced, or recreated.

The bridge between what I know and what I want to believe is nearly finished.

The lump in my throat has nearly diminished.

The creases in the palm of my hands mirror a hard working woman

      They are from opening and closing attempting to pick up pieces when I knew that I couldn’t.

The pieces have fallen, they have dropped to the floor.

Trying to open a door that’s bolted shut, trying to envision an intimate love that won’t leave me stuck.

The pieces

The pieces

The pieces have fallen and each time I rise like I’m the river and the current.

No longer will you abuse my thoughts and make me swallow my heart.

The path is clear the clarity is here and no longer will I ache and break my back for a love that won’t bend.

The end.


Thanks for reading, Be Blessed & Stay Humble.


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