Balancing Emotions and Attitudes

I’m mature enough to realize that I have an attitude problem on several occasions and it’s not easy for some people to admit that. It’s not much of a “problem” just that I could handle my emotions in a better manner. I may be in tune with them and know how I’m feeling majority of the time but the way they are expressed can be improved. I don’t walk around frowning (I may once in a blue) but if I’m feeling any type of way there’s a high probability you will know. I don’t hide my facial expressions well, only when it’s imperative like in a professional setting. It’s something I need to work on because lately I find myself being easily affected by minor situations.

The reasoning can be that I have a lot going on and so much to worry about with only a small time frame to get my thought process together and take action. I’m not a mean person at all so I know it’s not because I woke up on the wrong side of the bed or just feel like being a five letter B word. I have nothing but love for those around me so I feel there’s no need for them to receive any of my attitude if they did nothing to deserve it. It doesn’t take much for me to get irritated, not necessarily angry or mad but just outright bothered, just like it doesn’t take much to make me happy or sad. I’m a simple person that’s why it doesn’t take much to please me. But this is what happens when you weigh your emotions on a Libra scale and the slightest increase or decrease in only one can have the other really high or low.

Many times when we may be under pressure or stressed we take a lot of our emotions out on others without even knowing. It doesn’t take much to become upset or angry because our feelings become unstable and at any point we can reach that point where we’ve had enough and snap out on the wrong people. If you find yourself feeling the same emotion over and over like anger or sadness or just when you find yourself not in the best of moods, try to find the source of those feelings. It’s always a reason to why we’re feeling a certain way regardless of if we can pinpoint it right away or not. When we know why it is we feel a certain way we can take the necessary steps to try to fix it. Being in a bad mood and feeling all of those emotions that comes along with it on a daily basis isn’t healthy. It also isn’t healthy for those around you because we all know moods are contagious. If you are angry or upset and take your attitude out on the next person then they become angry or upset only to take their attitude out on someone else. Then it repeats over and over, don’t be the source of negative energy.

I’ve had to come to terms with my own emotions because I know that what I’m feeling may affect someone else. It’s not hard to pick up on vibes so if you’re not feeling too good sometimes it’s best to keep your distance and have some alone time until you’re yourself again. Self pep talks do help just tell yourself not to stress or become upset over minor things and focus on those good emotions that you could be feeling. In order to better yourself you first have to acknowledge what’s wrong.

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If given the chance, everyone has a story to tell. My name is Breyana I'jae, I am a 25 year old Temple University Psychology graduate, blogger, visionary, artist, creator, self published author, mama, jack of all trades, and lover of many things. 
When I first started this blog in 2013 my goal was to share My Story in hopes of inspiring someone else, I didn't know where it would go, how people would perceive it or what to really do, I just know I lived by the motto, Uplift, Empower, & Inspire.

While those goals still remain my blog will now be a place to promote self-love and self-care but that's not all. Come take a look to see what it offers.

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