Body Love

Loving your body can be incredibly challenging, especially for women. We live in a society where small sizes are the norm and people strive to lose weight to be liked and idolized by others, with hopes of fitting into that norm. We live in a society where the media Photoshop the bodies of celebrities to make them appear more curvy in the “right places” and thinner as if something were wrong with being a size 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12 and having curves all over. Several issues can develop from not loving and accepting your body including depression, anxiety, self-consciousness, emotional and physical damage, and in some cases self-harm and suicide.


We may not always feel love towards our bodies but honoring, accepting, and respecting that our body is a vital part of who we are is very important. I can see a change happening where more people are accepting their body and I love it! I am all about the uplifting and empowerment of women and I hope that more people start to realize that society has many flaws within itself and you shouldn’t look to that for acceptance and reassurance. If you feel that you want to make a change to your weight or shape you first have to accept how you are in the present to be able to make a change and work towards progression in the future. Remember that you are beautiful inside and out and the number on your scale doesn’t determine your self-worth. Love your body, and most importantly love your self, be good to yourself, and celebrate yourself.

Be Blessed & Stay Humble, thanks for reading.