The Domino Effect: Negative Energy


The Domino Effect: Negative Energy

IMG_0391.JPGWe’ve all been in situations where we found ourselves consoling a friend or family member who’s going through a rough patch or having a bad day, and afterwards you find yourself in the same predicament, feeling upset, anxious, and negative about everything around you. Moods transfer as quickly as they are put into the air and if you’ve ever heard someone say “Keep that negative energy away from me” you would understand why. Energy surrounds us, everything we think, feel, and do involves energy. There are some people who aren’t affected by emotional energy and can walk away from a situation feeling nothing, then there are people like me who soak up everything. I am the type of person that if you’re feeling upset, chances are I am not far from feeling the same. For example, let’s say you have a big project due at work or school and you have that one person who’s like “this is bad, we could have done better“, “we aren’t going to receive a good grade on this, everyone else’s looks better than this” and it goes on and on. How long will it take for you to start feeling the same way if that’s the energy you’re surrounded by? This example can apply to anything because there is always that one person who throws their negative energy into the equation. Emotions are contagious whether they be good or bad, can you watch someone cry and not feel a twinge of sadness?

“Because marriages, partnerships, family connections, and even close friendships are largely based on emotions, any sadness, fear, or worry on the part of that other person in your life (child, parent, domestic partner, best friend) can have a profound and lasting impact on your overall mood and outlook on life.

Research has found that depression in a spouse frequently leads to depression in the partner. The same holds true for roommates. In addition, children raised by depressed parents are significantly more likely to be diagnosed with depression. In fact, one family members’ depression can bring down an entire family system. Other emotions, such as anxiety and fear, can have the same effect. —- Just as second-hand smoke can have the same or worse effects on the health of nonsmokers, second-hand emotions (if they’re the negative kind just described) can have significant, long-lasting effects on the health and well being of those experiencing them. The negativity keeps pounding away at you and ultimately results in significant second-hand stress, which as you might expect, has the same effects on your mind and body as direct stress. The body experiences and interprets it as one in the same.

One bad (e.g., negative) apple can infect the entire tree regardless of where that tree is planted. ” –Sherrie Bourg Carter, Psy.D.

The decision to remove that apple and recognize that it no longer needs to affect the whole or let it continue to rot and affect the rest of the tree falls on you. If someone in your life is continuously being negative and you find that their mood effects you more than you would like, the best thing to do in that situation is to let go and surround yourself with positive energy. There are some people who have the power to bring you crashing down with them if you let them and those are the people who constantly leave you feeling drained. You may think you’re doing a good deed by attempting to give advice and being that shoulder for someone to lean on but if you always find yourself with the weight of the world on your shoulders afterwards there is something wrong with that picture. There are some who unconsciously emit negative vibes and in that case communicating to them about their negativity can be the solution to that problem. Communication is always key but sometimes communication isn’t enough. Be responsible for the energy you bring into a space. Take heed that you are not required to take part in anyone’s bad day, energy, or mood.

Be Blessed and Stay Humble.

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