“Dear Woman”

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending an Empowerment Workshop hosted by Michael E. Reid, socially known as “justmike_” or “justmikethepoet“. The workshop was created to accompany his newly released book “Dear Woman” and is a few hours of conversation, inspiration, education, and hope. As it says on his website the event is designed specifically for women , to assist them in becoming better women, not only for themselves, but also for those they choose to love.

Personally, I think the workshop was empowering and thought provoking, I left wanting to tell people what I’d heard and how it related to not only my life, but could relate to theirs as well. I think we as women sometimes forget to love ourselves in the process of trying to love someone else and that is what he touched base on. He talked about how we have to have a “dope ass party” going on for ourselves first and foremost and when it comes to choosing people to give our time to, if we have a lot going for ourselves we can already eliminate people who aren’t necessarily on our level. Some people are directions while one is your destination but if you spend too much time fumbling with your directions and spending too much time in one spot then you may never make it to your destination.

The analogies Mike used to describe how we treat love were amazing because we never think of it that way. For example, he said if you let someone in your house and they steal $40 would you let them back in? Common sense tells us no of course, so he said why is that when people do you wrong you keep letting them back in, and keep continuing to let them play with your heart. That is true because I know some women believe in second chances and in giving someone the time to make things right. I’m not against that but like he said, when you’re young and your mom tells you not to touch the stove and you do it and get burned, you’re not touching that stove anymore. But when you’re in a relationship and you keep telling someone not to do something and you’re not giving them any repercussions, they’re going to keep doing it. He said something along the lines of I rather spend 7 days a week with 7 different people having the time of my life than to spend 7 days trying to get somebody to treat me right and at that point I was just like Wow (Lol but no really). We never think of things like this because we are set on having history with someone and not wanting to start all over but like we discussed, there are 3.9 billion + men in the world and you don’t have to settle for one. We settle in fear of not finding someone else and in fear of loneliness but that time we spend alone can be spent on building ourselves up. I wish I could relay everything he said accurately into this post but that is impossible because for one, I can’t remember every single thing he said, and it’s the next day and my memory is starting to play games with me. He is such a great speaker and I support what he is doing 100% and everything he says comes from his own experience of dealing and communicating with women.






I don’t want to share too much from the book because I haven’t had the chance to read it myself (trust me I will this weekend) but I can already tell that it’s something that all women should read. He is still on tour so if you’re interested you should check his website out.

Thanks for reading, Be Blessed & Stay Humble

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